13 Buzzwords From 2015 That Need To Die

January 8, 2016

New year, new words. 

There’s a closet full of moments that we can happily say will be left in 2015, female viagra, Chris Hemsworth’s skeletal body and Starbucks’ Christmas cups to name a few. Additionally there’s also a mountain of crap we should all stop giving two hoots about as we make our way into the new year.

But more importantly, there’s been quite a few words and phrases that have managed to creep their way into our everyday vernacular during 2015 and they’re making us all sound like vapid, ignorant teenagers. Overworked and void of all intelligent meaning, there’s no better time than now to set ourselves an ultimatum for 2016: to never use the below vocab again…

1. Totes

Is there anything more annoying than having a friend tell you she’s ‘totes soz’ for being late to your catchup? No matter how cute you make the word sound, it’s still totes NOT okay.

2. Bae

If bae manages to hang around in 2016 you can have a good ol’ chuckle to yourself since the word translates to poo in Danish.

3. On fleek

The term’s synonymous with ‘on point’ and is often used to describe beauty, fashion and in particular, killer brows. We don’t hate this word, more so its complete misuse and abuse. A salad can not – we repeat – can not be on fleek.

4. #hashtag

The more times a person says hashtag aloud the lower their IQ becomes. #fact

5. Squad

The incredibly irritating phrase usually refers to Taylor Swift and her army of famous friends and it’s exasperation is only amplified when a person refers to their own squad as ‘on point’ or ‘on fleek’.

6. Turnt 

When there’s already smashed, lit up, trollied, blotto, sloshed and pissed, why was it deemed necessary to create another word for getting drunk?


For those of you who don’t know what TITF means, it translates from teenage speak as ‘took it too far.’ And those who decided to shorten it and pronounce the acronym as one word, seriously TITF.

8. Like

How is this word not already dead?! It seems to have hung around like a bad smell since the nineties, but if, like, one more, like, person tells me they’re going to, like, do anything, like, requiring the persistent use of the word ‘like’, I may have to kill them.

9. Can’t even

It doesn’t get more mind-numbing than listening to someone continually refer to an activity, person, event or thing they supposedly ‘can’t even’. If you’re clueless, just know it’s annoying as hell.

10. Yaaas

Quick, get the ear plugs. Whether your friend is excited for a party or just agreeing with what you’ve said, no amount of sugarcoating will change the fact hearing people say ‘yaaas’ makes you suddenly wish you were deaf.

11. Yeezus

Unfortunately Kayne West’s 2013 album name somehow become part of 2015 vernacular. Stay out of 2016 please, and go back to where you came from.

12. Literally

Perhaps the most horrifically abused word of all time, ‘literally’ has lost all meaning thanks to the fact people use it to say how they ‘literally died’ when something exciting, embarrassing or shocking happened. If only that were true, the word would be dead by now.

13. Doe

When your friend says ‘doe’, step back, take a moment, and question why they’ve bothered to replace ‘though’ with a word that contains the same amount of syllables as the original.

Comment: Are there any words from 2015 you’re sick of hearing?


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