13 Cocktails That’ll Make Your In-Laws Bearable

December 9, 2015

Cheers to that!

Raise your hand if you’re excited about spending Christmas with your in-laws these holidays.

Mmm, yes. Us too.

So to put you out of the misery of having to grin through another convo with your mother-in-law about how your cooking skills could do with a brush-up, we’ve got some positively tasty alcoholic recipes that’ll see you spending your day at the cocktail station preparing drinks for everyone else to savour. It’s a fab way to pass the time and keep away from the in-laws while simultaneously getting drunk.

“What’s that darling mother-in-law? I burnt the what? Sorry, can’t hear you over this cocktail shaking.” See? It’s a win-win situation…

1. Blood Orange Margarita 


This mouth-watering cocktail can be prepared a few hours ahead, so you can arrive at Christmas lunch prepared and ready to start drinking. (Recipe here)

2. Pink Lemonade 


A cocktail this delightful is sure to coax out a smile from everybody, even your bitter mother-in-law. (Recipe here)

3. Three Dots and A Dash


The name of this delectable cocktail is Morse Code for ‘v’, standing for victory. Appropriate, since you’ll surely feel victorious when you get your in-laws tipsy enough that they forget to offer you unsolicited life advice. (Recipe here)

4. The Bramble


To get everyone in the Christmas spirit, replace the blackcurrant liquor in this sweet, fruity drink with some Midori and you’ll have festive red and green drinks. (Recipe here)

5. Pain Killer


Get sipping on this creamy coconut cocktail to numb the pain of suffering through your SO’s parents interrogating you on when you’re going to get married/have kids/buy a house. (Recipe here)

6. Elderflower Spanish Gin and Tonic


Because there’s only two ingredients in this cocktail, simply shake together and pour over ice. Once that’s done you’ll be free to run out the back door. (Recipe here)

7. Espresso Martini


This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Dark, creamy and deliciously caffeinated, an espresso martini always kicks a party into gear. (Recipe here)

8. Cucumber Basil Gin and Tonic


Even if you’re not a traditional gin and tonic fan, this modern twist combines powerful flavours that’ll knock anyones Christmas socks off. (Recipe here)

9. Rose Water Cointreau Fizz


Almost too lovely looking to drink – that is, until your mother-in-law starts complaining about how she never sees her son anymore – one sip will have everyone at the dinner table begging for more.  (Recipe here)

10. The Wicked Strong


The Wicked Strong cocktail is powerful and dressed to kill, with its unique mixture of blackberry and sage, served old fashion style, it’ll absolutely make your in-laws bearable.  (Recipe here)

11. Boozy Iced Tea


If you lean to the naughty side of Santa’s list, you might be inclined to tell your in-laws this drink is just innocent iced tea and then sit back and enjoy the aftermath. We wouldn’t try and talk you out of it. (Recipe here)

12. Cherry Moon


Tart cherry comes together with smooth Grey Goose vodka in this taste explosion. After a couple of these, you’ll be wondering why you thought your in-laws were so bad. (Recipe here)

13. The Christmas Tree


Topping off the list, what Christmas would be complete without an appropriately themed cocktail? And with its fresh combo of lime and pomegranate, masking a hefty dose of gin, this one’s guaranteed to do as the name suggests, and leave you lit up like a Christmas tree. (Recipe here)

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