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13 Creepily Cool DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials

13 Creepily Cool DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials

Who needs to splash cash on an exxy outfit when you’ve got determination and a glue gun?

Halloween is my fave time of the year. (Sure, Christmas is fun, but when else can you smear fake blood down your apartment hallway and freak the crap out of your neighbors by emerging from your house with a dangling eyeball?)

Besides offering a unique opportunity to revisit your youth and guiltlessly binge on enough candy to induce diabetes, Halloween is possibly the one occasion when even the most painfully introverted of people will willingly shimmy into a sexy cat costume and let loose for the night.

Costumes have the odd power to transform us all into next-level versions of ourselves by allowing us to slip into character and forget all our usual hangups for a moment, and on that note, here are 13 truly inspired DIY costume tutorials to get you in the mood to exude this Halloween…

1. Creepy doll

This tutorial makes turning yourself into a deranged doll child’s play. And the best part is, you can create this look using stuff you already have at home!

2. Sexy unicorn

Okay, so you’re probably not going to fool anyone into thinking you’re an actual unicorn wearing this subtle look, but you sure as hell will look hot enough to snag yourself a pash for the night in this Mean Girls approved outfit.

3. Wednesday Addams

The perfect combo of scary and sexy, this cute Wednesday Addams inspired costume is surprisingly simple to pull off and perfect for anyone on a budget.

4. Cleopatra

Channel your inner Liz Taylor in this stunning Cleopatra costume, complete with embellished headpiece and arm band. A more advanced effort, this look is best suited to the most creative and determined.

5. Maleficent

If you’re cash-strapped but creative, this is the costume for you. A budget DIY look that requires a bit of skill to put together, it’s impressive enough to snag you look of the night at your Halloween bash.

6. Zipper face

For the truly twisted individual, Zipper Face is sure to draw serious stares and looks of horror and disgust as you make your way to party up on Halloween night. A makeup-focused look, it’s also actually really simple to pull off.

7. Freaky kitty

Another makeup-focused look that you can put together using basics you probably already have at home, this costume is simultaneously cute and creepy.

8. Pirate girl

A saucy look that’s a lot of fun to throw together and doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, the pirate costume is always a safe bet when you’re lazy and on a budget, and this one has a really cute twist.

9. Barbie

Why not come as every little girl’s fave doll and every grown woman’s nightmare, Barbie? This tutorial is as fun to watch as being Barbie for a night will no doubt be.

10. Wonder Woman

This wouldn’t be a Halloween costume special if it didn’t include a Wonder Woman costume. Potentially one of the most popular female costumes of all time, it’s as sexy as it is empowering to wear, and this tutorial is just simple enough for anyone to follow.

11. Real Housewife from hell

Who doesn’t have a medically diagnosable addiction to Real Housewives? The show is equal parts brilliant and trashy, what’s not to love?!? And now you can become one, Halloween style. Muahaha!

12. Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace

This may just be our fave look this year. Easy to put together on a budget for maximum wow factor, it doesn’t get much better than Pulp Fiction‘s sultry Mia Wallace.

13. Snapchat rainbow vomit

Okay, we take it back. Sorry Uma Thurman, but this year’s greatest costume effort has to go to the brilliant mind that thought up this ingenious costume version of Snapchat’s rainbow vomit. Totally wearing this, if only to disturb the crap out of everyone at the office Halloween do.


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