13 Dating Memes That Are So Relatable It Hurts

October 10, 2017

We’re laughing, but also crying.

Dating can be one of the most magical things you will ever do in your life.

It can also want to make you set everything on fire and slowly walk away as it explodes spectacularly behind you then burns to the ground.

And because the internet giveth, we’ve tracked down the best dating memes that are relatable as hell. So sit back, because these are gonna make your sides hurt (we’re not sure whether from laughing or from actual pain at it being too real).

1. You have no clue what you want

You’re cool with being single and doing your own thing… until you remember how old you are. And that you want to get married. And that you want to be married for a couple of years before you have a baby. So you need to find a boyfriend, oh, about a year ago.

2. Is it love or…?

dating meme hungry

Sometimes you feel the emptiness. You’re single, you know it and you get that familiar pang in the pit of your stomach. Then you remember you haven’t eaten all day, it’s 3pm and you’re hardcore craving some carbs. Who needs a boyfriend when you have pizza?

3. Sometimes you’re not good at humaning

You want the end game, badly. But like, it’s so hard to keep up with dating. All the replying to messages, and talking to people, and meeting up… Can’t you just go straight to being an old married couple sitting on the couch binging Netflix and ordering UberEATS?

4. And you’ve been hurt before

People have put you through the fricking wringer but goddamn it you’ve still got a heart of gold. It just might take an icepick and a blowtorch to get through your frosty exterior.

5. You’re pretty busy these days…

Dating in your 30s meme

Do you even have time for dating? The older you get, the less time you have for game playing and stuffing around. Like, they should either buy you a drink or let you get on with more important things like wondering why you can’t get a good date.

6. And the dates are usually pretty crap

Aziz ansari dating meme

He probably won’t even turn up. And if he turns up he will probably be late. And have left his wallet at home. And criticize the way you chew, while talking loudly with his mouth full. Dating is shit.

7. How do you even date these days?

You can’t even deal with how many stages there are to the dating process. Gone are the days of boy meets girl, boy likes girl. Now it’s boy swipes girl. Boy uses cheesy bordering on creepy pickup line on girl. Girl says yes to meeting up because at least he didn’t send a dick pic. TheN boy most likely flakes on date. Sigh.

8. And while we’re on the subject of online dating


Remember when walking into a bar and chatting to someone seemed like a scary prospect? Now we’ve got swiping and messaging and sexting and ghosting and bread crumbing… Yeah, bet you wish you had a time machine, huh?

9. And then this happens…

Dating meme grammar errors

Why is it so hard to type a grammatically correct text message?!

10. Then there’s the whole sex thing

New sex can be so weird… that’s if you even know when to do it. Do you give it up on the first date? Do you wait until you’re monogamous? Do you awkwardly make out with a little over-the-shirt action before deciding you don’t actually like the guy at all, you were just so shocked he didn’t say something rude that you didn’t know what to do?

11. You’re always convinced everything will go to hell

Should you message him? Should you wait a few days? Should you tell him you’ve already pictured your wedding day and may or may not have named your first three children? You’re always so close to completely f—ing it up.

12. Actually, dating is a goddamn minefield

You’ve done weird things. You’ve seen weird things. You’re not even sure what’s normal anymore.

13. But you’re not going to stop

Look, we all agree dating is the worst, and thank god for dating memes to make light of it all. But you’re a sucker for punishment and still hold out hope for a happy ending. You gotta kiss a few frogs before you meet a prince… or at least a dude who doesn’t talk about his junk within five minutes of meeting you.

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Comment: What’s the worst or best thing about the dating scene? 

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