13 Dessert Pizzas You Need In Your Life

May 20, 2016


Everyone loves pizza. Like great sex, it’s cheap, messy, and best enjoyed with plenty of hand action. How it took us so long to learn we could put sweet stuff on top of it shall forever remain a mystery to humankind, but it’s a pretty safe bet that whoever first decided to throw chocolate and marshmallows on top of a pizza was pretty much the smartest drunk around.

I think everyone can all agree dessert pizza is the shit. It takes literally seconds to throw together, requires little actual effort or culinary skill, and is the perfect indulgence when you’re broke AF. And the options – oh, the options are endless, and truly delicious…

1. Cinnamon Streusal Dessert Pizza


Cinnamon + warm pizza dough = perfection. (Recipe here.)

2. Peanut Butter Brownie Pizza


Every bite is an orgasm in your mouth. (Recipe here.)

3. Fruit Pizza


This is totally healthy… right? (Recipe here.)

4. Sinful Chocolate Pizza


The only sinful thing about this is how quickly you’ll eat it. (Recipe here.)

5. Reese Peanut Butter Pizza


Just when you thought Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups couldn’t get any better. (Recipe here.)

6. Cherry Cheesecake Pizza


Soft, sweet, and gooey in all the right places. (Recipe here.)

7. Oreo Fudge Brownie Pizza


Think of a pizza-size Oreo… on steroids. (Recipe here.)

8. M&M’s Monster Cookie Pizza


A cookie-style pizza smothered in M&M’s? Yes, please. (Recipe here.)

9. Brownie Berry Dessert Pizza


Tangy berries and decadent chocolate on a crisp base. (Recipe here.)

10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza


Cooooo-kiiiiiiieeees! (Recipe here.)

11. Strawberry Nutella Pizza


Simply put, Nutella pizza is the greatest food Invention ever. (Recipe here.)

12. Raspberry S’mores Pizza

smores pizza

All you need now is a campfire to enjoy it beside. (Recipe here.)

13. Gluten-Free Brownie & Berries Dessert Pizza

gf dessert pizza

Who said gluten-free living was boring? (Recipe here.)

Comment: What to-die-for dessert could you not live without?

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