13 DIY Mason Jar Crafts To Welcome Autumn And Celebrate Halloween

October 25, 2018

Fall for these autumn-inspired mason jar crafts.

There’s something about Halloween that just gets those DIY fires burning. Some of the best costumes are the ones you can put together yourself. And how fun is it making your own decorations for a Halloween party, such as a hollowed-out pumpkin-turned-cooler or candles that appear to drip blood? Very fun, indeed.

Mason jars have long since been a focal point of devoted DIY-ers. They can hold anything from flowers to freshly baked cookies to salads (yes, mason jar salads are a thing!) and can be transformed into decorations that fit just about any theme. Whether you want to simply celebrate the autumn months with festive candle holders, stave off the cold weather by keeping a bit of green in your home, or make things sweet yet spooky for a party (or just that Halloween vibe)… mason jars are a must-have and a great starting point for DIY projects.

Autumnal Candle Holders

Glowing with cozy autumnal warmth, these candle holders are soooo pretty. Grab some leaves (real or fake) + your trusty container of Modge Podge + candles = nothing less than fall magic.

Glow-in-the-Dark Jars

Admit it, you’re intrigued — how on earth to get these glowy mason jars looking like they’re filled with hundreds of tiny phosphorescent beads? The answer may surprise you (hint: no beads required!).

Candy Corn Jars

What is a Candy Corn Jar? Well, it’s a mason jar charmingly painted to look like a giant candy corn, or it’s a holder of multiple candy corns, or both!

Cute Little Halloween Guys

OMG, OMG. These little jars-turned-spooky-Halloween-guys are so cute! Make ’em out of full-size mason jars for the not-quite-so-little versions, or — as demonstrated here by Beech-Nut — use baby food jars.

Widdle Biddy Spiders

Another great use for little jars (unless you want a beast that’s worthy of Monster Bug Wars), these spider mason jars are cute, easy, and make great decorations. (Note: arachnophobes may choose to go with the little mummies, pumpkins, or Frankenstein monsters.)

Autumnal Air Freshener

Mixing down-to-earth faves like essential oils and cinnamon sticks with water absorbing polymer (because science!), you can transform a mason jar into a DIY air freshener that smells like autumn.

Fall in a Vase

Decorate these autumnal vases and then fill them up with fresh flowers or an arrangement of dried fall leaves — real or fake — either as a table centerpiece or just to place around the house.

Ghosts in a Jar

Whoo-ooo! These look like little ghosts entrapped in jars (but they’re not, really!) and make for haunting Halloween decorations.


Get some green in your place of residence, now more than ever… because winter is a’coming. Follow the instructions for these rustic succulent planters carefully; it’s not just dirt and a plant. You need drainage, yo!

Spooky Stick Centerpiece

Forgo your green thumb (or lack thereof) and go with this simple, gothic, and spooky stick centerpiece.

DIY Pumpkin

You might see this DIY pumpkin and be all, “Those aren’t mason jars!” But this is made from mason jar lids — the perfect craft for when you’ve done and used a bunch of jars.

Treat Jars

No one else on the block will be giving Halloween gifties or doing trick-or-treat as stylishly as you when you craft these DIY treat jars that look way harder to make than they actually are. I’m not saying you should fill any of them with, say, rocks, for the ultimate trick — I’m just thinking out loud.

 Mason Jar Luminaries

Talk about looking difficult to make; these beautifully detailed luminaries are actually just about stickers and spray paint (feel free to fib, though, and say you cut out the designs by hand).

Comment: What’s your favorite use for a mason jar? 

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