The 13 Emotional Stages Of Getting Your Period

September 28, 2015

Thanks gosh for periods, said no girl ever.

Riding the crimson wave is no easy feat. Not only does your uterus feel like it’s trying to attack you from the inside out, you’re tired, cranky, irritable, emotional, lethargic and craving, all in the one day. It’s a wonder we can keep our friendships, jobs and sanity intact!

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Sometimes, you just have to find the humour in a tragic situation and ride out the emotional rollercoaster of the menstrual cycle we all know too well…

1. You unapologetically crave and consume everything that you can afford.


2. Then you have an existential life crisis because you’ve just ruined your diet AND broken a nail at the same time.


3. Your irritability level goes through the roof and anyone who so much as breathes in your direction sends you into a murderous rage.

angry gif

4. Meanwhile, it feels like your uterus is under siege by a million tiny soldiers with machetes.

5. And your chance of buttoning up a pair of pants goes out the window.


6. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…


6. Your period drops at the most inconvenient possible moment out of all moments in time.


7. And Niagara is released.


8. Pleasantly followed by a fatigue so epic it feels as if you’ve been punched in the stomach.


9. At this point, you don’t even know who you are anymore.

10. BUT THEN… The cravings stop…


11. The PMS dissipates…

12. And finally, it comes to an end. And the world is your oyster again. And anything is possible. And life is amazing.

tina fey

13. Until next month.

nex month

Images via Vagabomb, xclusivetouch.co.uk, Her Campus, Imgur.com, Quotesblog.net, jennifercgl.wordpress.com

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