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13 Guys Who Are Total Boyfriend Goals

13 Guys Who Are Total Boyfriend Goals


We’re not gonna lie. There seems to be an abundance of fuckboys floating around at the moment. Real gentleman, it would seem, are getting harder and harder to come across.

So much so, many of us have begun begrudgingly trading proper dates for Tinder ‘catch-ups’ (aka: thinly veiled booty calls) and having an actual relationship title for ‘seeing each other casually’.

But, not all hope is lost. There are still men who don’t want to play silly games and know how to actually treat a woman. And these total catches are proof…

1. This perfect guy.

2. This total winner.

3. This romantic legend.

4. This selfless soul.

5. This considerate creature.

6. This generous gent.

7. This actual dreamboat.

8. This total catch.

9. This hero.

10. This martyr.

11. This team player.

12. This magical man.

13. And this actual real-life prince.

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Comment: What’s the most romantic thing your partner’s ever done for you?





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