13 Delish Chocolate Recipes To Try This World Chocolate Day

July 7, 2016


If you don’t like chocolate, get out now.

Seriously, just shut your phone/computer/tablet down and get yourself to a doctor, because there is something very wrong with you.

As all sensible people know, chocolate is, quite simply, the greatest tasting food ever. If given the choice, I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (okay let’s not kid ourselves, we do that at least once a week).

The only problem with going on a chocolate binge, is it tends to be promptly followed by guilt, a bloated stomach and a ‘WHY DID I JUST EAT THAT MANY SCOOPS OF NUTELLA?!’ feeling. Luckily, today is World Chocolate Day, which means you don’t need to feel bad about wolfing down your fave treat. In fact, here are 13 perfectly delicious ways to enjoy it in celebration of the best day ever…

1. Frypan chocolate mud cake


All you need is a frypan and six ingredients. Really. (Recipe here.)

2. Chocolate molten lava cake


Your chocolatey dreams just came true. (Recipe here.)

3. Scrumptious sugar-free chocolate cupcakes


How can something free from sugar taste this good?! (Recipe here.)

4. Vegan chocolate pikelets


Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please! (Recipe here.)

5. Chocolate iced coffee


There’s no better combo. (Recipe here.)

5. Raw choc coated protein bars


These are actually surprisingly healthy. (Recipe here.)

6. Lavender and chocolate ice-cream


This is the most surprisingly delish ice-cream you’ll ever eat. (Recipe here.)

7. Chocolate brownies


Because everybody loves the classics. (Recipe here.)

8. The ultimate chocolate muffin


Now THAT’S what I call a muffin! (Recipe here.)

9. Choc coated fruit


There’s fruit involved, so it’s gotta be healthy…right? (Recipe here.)

10. Dark chocolate bark


Studded with cranberries and pistachios, this is chocolate bark perfection. (Recipe here.)

11. Classic chocolate chip cookies


Throw away all your other cookie recipes, this one is to die for. (Recipe here.)

12. Two-ingredient chocolate mousse


Yep, you read that right; you’re only two ingredients away from chocolate euphoria. (Recipe here.)

13. No bake chocolate cheesecake


Just try to stop at one piece of this rich, velvety cheesecake. (Recipe here.)

Comment: What’s your all-time fave way to enjoy chocolate?



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