13 Life-Changing Charts That’ll Help You Suck Less At Makeup

March 13, 2019

So THAT’S what you do with illuminator…

Screw diamonds – makeup is a girl’ s real best friend.

Whether you love to go full-on glam and wear a full face of makeup every day, or you just put on your fave lip gloss before ducking out the door, makeup can be really fun. But also really confusing. 

With all of the brushes to choose from, deciphering whether you actually need high-end products, or if there are drugstore buys that’ll do the job just as well, on top of constantly chasing the never-ending trends which come and go faster than you can say non-touring, it’s no wonder a lot of us don’t actually understand what TF to do with makeup.

But, thankfully, we’ve found some charts that make it all a lot less overwhelming. Covering everything from skincare through to mastering contouring, these cheat sheets will have you painting your face like a pro artist in no time…

1. Layer your skincare in the right order for the perfect canvas.


2. Match your foundation correctly.


3. Master covering problem areas.


4. Learn your makeup brushes.


5. Choose the perfect mascara wand for luxurious lashes.


6. Make your eyes pop with perfect eye makeup technique.


7. Contour like an Instagram model.


8. Apply blush beautifully.


9. Map our your brows like a total legend.


10. Navigate your way around eyeshadow.


11. Learn to line your lips better than Kylie Jenner.


12. Pick the right hue for a perfectly kissable pout.


13. And know which order to put it all together in.


Images via buzzfeed.com, pinterest.com. 

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