13 Lingerie Pieces To Suit EVERY Body Type

August 28, 2019

Lingerie pieces to suit every body type only come in one size: sexy. 

Our bodies are our one true home in this life so why is it so hard for us to feel comfortable in them?

As women, we are subjected to the notion of an ‘ideal body type’ from a very young age. Our value is proportionately tied to our weight and we are taught to shrink ourselves in order to fit in.

We are constantly bombarded with media that tells us we aren’t good enough. Businesses literally make money off our insecurity and sell us products that promise to make us happy – on the condition that we lose weight.

Enough is enough.

There is no such thing as an ‘ideal’ body type.

The fact that we are ranking body types in terms of how ‘acceptable’ we find them makes me feel sick to my core. We are in the midst of a self-love revolution as women reject the standards set by society and prove that all bodies are beautiful.

We all deserve to feel sexy in our own skin. Your proportions don’t dictate what you can wear, nor should they dictate how you feel about yourself.

Self-love is a long process but consuming diverse media full of women of all shapes, sizes and colours it’s easy to see the beauty in our bodies.

At Team SHESAID we believe there is nothing more empowering than feeling and looking amazing in a piece of lingerie. It boosts body positivity, confidence and let’s face it, it’s hard not to love yourself when you’re looking so damn good.

We’ve searched the internet for the best lingerie pieces to suit every body type. You’ll find something to suit your beautiful bod, no matter what your proportions are…

1. This babydoll set

Buy it here. 

2. This lacy plunge

Buy it here. 

3. This sexy suspender

Buy it here. 

4. This ranchy red set

Buy it here. 

5. This sexy satin slip

Buy it here. 

6. This dream-girl dress

Buy it here. 

7. This ‘peek-a-boo’ piece

Buy it here. 

8. This halterneck

Buy it here. 

9. This silver corset

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10. This blue bustier

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11. This lacy lingerie


12. This beautiful bodysuit

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13. This pretty-in-pink lace set

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Featured image via pixabay.com

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