13 New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Makes (And Immediately Breaks)

January 4, 2017

Every. Single. Year.

We’re a few days into January already, and if you’re like most people, your New Year’s resolutions are already falling by the wayside faster than you can say ‘eat clean.’

That is, if you even bothered to make resolutions at all this year. It seems like lots of my friends didn’t.

Maybe it’s because these days, it’s become trendy to do New-Agey things like setting a one-word theme for the upcoming year (for example, ‘adventure’ or ‘wellness’) or declaring an overall intention at the beginning of the year, like you might at the beginning of a yoga class. You can also make your resolutions about something – or someone – specific. For example, this year I made my resolutions all about my relationship. (You’ll have to ask my boyfriend how I’m doing on those.)

Still, those old standby resolutions (lose weight, save more money) will always be popular, no matter if we fail at them year after year. Maybe it’s the fact that we keep failing that compels us to keep trying. After all, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Right?

Here are 13 resolutions we’ll never stop making (or breaking):

1. Make good use of our gym memberships.

2. Cut down on sugar.

3. Stop eating junk food.

4. Take a break from social media.

5. Put more money in savings.

6. Finally write that novel/record that album/shoot that web series we keep talking about.

7. Declutter and get organized – i.e. throw out everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy.’

8. Read more actual books.

9. Drink eight glasses of water a day.

10. Get eight hours of sleep every night.

11. Quit smoking/drinking/sleeping around/insert-your-vice-here.

12. Keep a journal (for example, a gratitude journal, Oprah-style).

13. Be our authentic selves in all situations and relationships. #LOLOLOL

GIFs via giphy.com, reddit.com, tumblr.com, westchesterwoman.org, and tvguide.com.

Comment: What resolutions did you make this year? How many have you broken so far?

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