13 Oddly Attractive Manscaping Trends

December 5, 2015

Say hello to bauble beards. 

No longer are there four standard types of facial hair: goatee, beard, moustache and stubble. Now more than ever, men are making an effort  to look presentable and fashion forward.

Personally, I think it’s about time guys took a little pride in their appearances. Us ladies have spent hours in front of the mirror styling our hair for events, and don’t even get me started on the amount of money we’ve all exhausted trying to get the perfect Kylie Jenner pout for a first date.

And while manscaping took a little time to refine itself into a true art, like most things, it got better with age, and today there are more trends than you can poke a stick at. So in the spirit of Christmas, I’ve combined a few of my personal faves for your perusing pleasure. You’re welcome.

1. Glitter beards


Glitter beards seem to be the latest trend in the manscaping world, despite receiving a lot of negative feedback. Personally, I think they’re fabulous, but whether you love them or hate them, you’ll be sure to see a few of them this festive season.

2. Man buns


If you’d told me five years ago that guys with long hair pulled into a bun would one day be considered attractive I would have laughed in your face. Fast forward to present day and I readily swoon over a good man bun.

3. Undercuts


Trend setters such as Macklemore, Zayn Malik and Ryan Gosling have helped make this look popular. Commonly known as short back and sides, the undercut adds instant attractiveness factor.

4. French braids


Wait. Stop. Drop everything. There is now NO excuse for boys’ hair to be dirty or untidy. If this guy can braid his own hair then your boyfriend can at least wash his.

5. Manscaped facial hair


I’m all for groomed facial hair. If a man can bother to spend more than five minutes a day on his appearance, he’s definitely a keeper. However if it gets too extreme, then that’s your cue to leave.

6. Manscaped body hair


This is the male version of styling your pubic hair into the shape of a love heart on Valentine’s Day. And if your man has the bod and the confidence to pull it off, why not?

7. Mini mohawk


Made famous by David Beckham, who, frankly, would make any hairstyle look hot, this style is most frequently found on professional football players, and although it belongs in the 90s, I’m not complaining.

8. Christmas beards


This interesting take on Christmas decorations is making me want the holidays to last forever, just so I can stare for longer…

9. Styled moustaches


Depending on the length of your man’s moustache this can appear either extremely sexy or really creepy. So long as he sticks to the above guide and avoids the pornstache though, he should be safe.

10. Small braids


If you weren’t sold on the french braid, hopefully, after seeing this one, you’re now a fan. Although it may be a look you’d more likely see on Khloe Kardashian than your average guy, this example’s so on point I’m planning a proposal.

11. Flower beards


If the groomsmen don’t want to wear a boutonnière at my wedding to Mr Small Braids, then I’ll be more than happy for them to have flower beards instead. I’m thinking pink peonies. Too much?

12. Beanie beards


If your boyfriend can’t grow a beard then this is a fab option. When wearing it he is sure to feel masculine, rugged and handsome. Just kidding, but I do think my man would look pretty cute in it and that’s a good enough reason for me.

13. Razor stripe


The addition of the razor stripe takes the undercut style to the next level of hotness. It’s also one of the top manscaping trends of the moment and is sure to make any man rocking it look sharp and sexy as hell.

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