13 Inexplicably Weird Cafes You Need To See To Believe

February 24, 2016

Petting an owl while sipping hot cocoa from a toilet is the next big thing.

There is nothing I enjoy more than meeting a girlfriend at a café on a Sunday afternoon.

But, come to think of it, my fave weekend activity would be more fun if it involved animals, drinking out of toilet bowl cups or getting served by a Japanese maid.

‘Experience cafés’, as they’re now called, are popping up all over the world, and while they may not be first date material, they will definitely make for a good story at the next family dinner…

1. Catmosphere, Sydney


Watch, pet or take selfies with the felines known as ‘catstronauts’ while enjoying your coffee.

2. A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Taipei


Ever wanted to dine inside a plane while it’s grounded? No, me neither – but airplane enthusiasts get to do just that at this café.

3. The Clinic, Singapore


Enjoy your drinks from syringes while sitting on medical beds and in wheelchairs at this hospital-themed café.

4. Molecule, New York


This café sells water that’s waaay superior to what comes out of your tap, thanks to a $25,000 filtering machine. If you think that’s a waste of money, it also serves vitamin-infused water.

5. DokiDoki Station, Melbourne


If you expect a waitress to do more than just serve your food, this Melbourne café is for you; staff dressed as Japanese maids call male guests ‘master’.

6. Akiba Fukurou, Tokyo


Cat cafés are sooo last year for the Japanese. The latest hype is owl cafés – different animal, same concept.

7. Crazy Toilet Cafe, Moscow


One of the more bizarre cafés, its customers drink out of toilet bowl cups while sitting on loos and looking at poo illustrations on the wall.

8. Disaster Café, Spain


Half theme-park, half café, Disaster lets you experience what it’s like to drink coffee during an earthquake… in case you’ve ever wondered.

9. The Dog Cafe, Los Angeles


At this café, you don’t just get to play with dogs – you can also adopt them, as they are all rescue dogs!

10. Vampire Cafe, Tokyo


Sip a blood (orange) cocktail next to a coffin at this vampire-themed café. Since vampires can’t stand the light, this place only opens at night.

11. Hammock Cafe, Cairns


If you want to take your Sunday morning chill out sesh to another level, Hammock Cafe offers hammocks in place of chairs so you can recline while you sip your brew.

12. Sweat Shop Cafe, Paris


A yarn store that pulls double duty as a cafe, sewing fiends can grab a caffeine hit whilst creating garments at one of Sweat Shop’s 10 fully functional vintage sewing machines.

13. Robot Cafe, China


You’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled onto the set for Back To The Future when you’re greeted and served freshly cooked food by a robot waiter. Too cool for school.

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