13 Shots You Need To Try This Party Season

December 16, 2015

Just try stopping at one.

Christmas has the ability to bring out the people pleasers in all of us, from compelling us to scour the shops for presents for work colleagues and extended fam, to stressing over putting together the perfect Christmas feast for friends, it’s enough to make anyone feel depleted.

Enter: shots, the magical drinks that put everyone in a festive mood, and fast. So as you try to get to as many parties as possible this season while frantically searching the net for the last remaining Asos cuff, mix up a few of these tasty shots with your friends, and let the fun begin…

1. Cranberry Kamikaze


This delicious shot combines three classics: lime, triple sec and vodka, and features cranberry as a surprisingly delicious addition. To take it to the next level, use real limes instead of syrup for a fresh, citrusy finish. (Recipe here)

2. Strawberry Jalapeño


Spiked with fresh jalapeños, this shot is not for the faint hearted. The mix of strawberry, lemon and vodka will spice things up and kick any party straight into gear. (Recipe here)

3. Dirty Mini Martini


Whoever said martinis are made only to be sipped on clearly never tried these. Dirty martinis never go out of style and this is a fab twist on the traditional cocktail that’ll put the merry into your Christmas. (Recipe here)

4. Mini Margarita


Go against the grain and serve your shots in a quirky way to impress your guests. After a few of these mini margaritas, you’re sure to be lit up like a Christmas tree. (Recipe here)

5. The Warhead


Remember those sweet and horribly sour candies you had as a kid? Well if you don’t, prepare to have a vivid flashback after you’ve tried this shot. A taste explosion as big as this will get you in the party mood, quick stat. (Recipe here)

6. The Birthday Cake


Cake vodka is real, and it makes an absolutely scrumptious shot. If you’re looking to ease your way into the evening, then start your night off with these delectable drinks. They’ll go down a treat and leave your palate with a creamy aftertaste. (Recipe here)

7. Peach Lemon Drop


This citrusy drink is simple to make with just vodka, peach schnapps and lemon juice. The combo is so tasty, you’ll be asking for another peach lemon drop shot as soon as you’ve had your first. (Recipe here)

8. Redheaded


Kick up the heat with this racy shot. Don’t be mislead by the gorgeous amber tones, the redheaded shooter is a true fireball and packs a serious punch. (Recipe here)

9. Jagerbomb


A Jagerbomb has a relatively high alcoholic content, so if you don’t handle your booze well, be careful. Either way though, these are a fun drink to share among friends at your next Christmas party. (Recipe here)

10. Melon Ball


Made with Midori, vodka and fresh orange juice, this melon ball shot is a taste explosion that’ll leave you with a zingy tang in your mouth. Make sure you don’t skimp out on garnishing this shot with the melon ball, otherwise you won’t be able to claim this as part of your daily fruit intake! (Recipe here)

11. Lime Kamikaze with mint and olive oil


Although the mix of ingredients in this shot is unusual, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste. The smooth texture of the olive oil contrasts excellently with the fresh mint and sweet triple sec, creating a unique concoction that’ll likely see you having a lot more than just one. (Recipe here)

12. Lime Drop


If you can’t help but buy a round of tequila when you’re out, then look no further. These lime drop shots will give you as good a kick as any straight spirit, but taste twice as delicious and see you ready to take on the night. (Recipe here)

13. B-52


This drink is not for the faint hearted, with Kahlúa, Baileys and Grand Marnier sitting on top of each other to create the ultimate alcoholic mix. It’ll take a bit of practise to master the layering technique required for this creamy drink, but as soon as you knock it back and taste the three blended spirits, you’ll appreciate the effort involved. (Recipe here)

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