13 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra

June 16, 2016

You probably are.

Taking off your bra after a long day is one of the best feelings in the world, matched only by finding the shoes of your dreams on sale, or taking the perfect selfie.

And while finding an underwire bra that doesn’t dig into your sternum may seem like an impossible task, a well-fitted bra can be life-changing. Unfortunately, studies suggest up to 80 per cent of us are wearing the wrong size.

If you’re thinking you belong to the lucky 20 per cent who got it right, congratulations. But just to be sure you’re not confusing your somewhat-okay-bra with a perfect bra, see if you can relate to any of these 13 warning signs you’re wearing the wrong bra…

1. You have quadruple boobs

Probably one of the most common tell-tale signs of wearing the wrong bra size, are cups that give you double cleavage. If the top of your cup doesn’t sit flush with your breasts, you need a bigger one.

2. You’re gaping

If there is a gap between your bra’s cup and your boobs, you need a smaller cup size to give you enough support.

3. Your straps keep sliding down

If tightening them doesn’t help, you’re probably wearing a bra that’s too big.

4. Your band keeps riding up

Look at yourself from the side in a mirror. Your bra should sit parallel to the floor, in other words, the back of your bra needs to be the same height as the front. If it keeps rising up, you need a smaller band size.

5. You’re using the tightest hook

Your bra should sit perfectly on the middle hook. If you have to use the tightest hook, chances are it’s either too big, or worn-out.

6. The middle of your bra doesn’t sit flush

The middle of your bra, where the cups meet, should sit tight against your sternum. If there’s a gap, you’re stretching your bra and need a bigger one.

7. You’re having trouble breathing

Pretty self-explanatory; your bra shouldn’t be so tight it leaves you gasping for air.

8. You have underboob

If lifting your arms makes you flash a little underboob, it’s a clear sign your bra is too big for you.

9. Your bra is more than two years old

Most women’s bodies are constantly changing, and even small weight fluctuations can have an effect on the fit of your bra. What fit perfectly two years ago might now be too big or too small.

10. Your bra was a bargain

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a good bra, but if it was the equivalent of a coffee to go, chances are you got what you paid for; in this case, low quality and a bad fit.

11. You have back bulge

If you avoid wearing tight tops because of ‘back fat’, chances are, you just need a bigger size bra that doesn’t dig into your back as much.

12. You’re constantly adjusting your bra

A perfectly fitted bra won’t require constant adjusting. If you find yourself fiddling around with it throughout the day, it’s the wrong size.

13. You’ve never asked the professionals

If your way of finding your bra size is trying on a few different sizes, you should go to a lingerie store ASAP, and have one of the sales assistants measure you to find the right size for you. It will only take a minute and make all the difference in the world.

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