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13 Struggles Only Girls With Frizzy Hair Understand

13 Struggles Only Girls With Frizzy Hair Understand

Humidity sucks.

If I could get a refund for all the hair smoothing products I’ve forked out for over the years, I could quit my job.

Taming the beast that is my frizzy hair is a constant struggle that requires excruciating hours of straightening, hair spraying, serum-applying and checking weather updates to prepare for any slight climate changes that might throw my entire mop into an emergency level disaster state.

If you live with the burden that is frizzy hair, then these are struggles you probably know well, too…

1. You live in constant fear of humidity.

2. You avoid brushing your hair more than a few times a week for fear you’ll look like the Lion King.

3. Your hairstyle for the day revolves around the weather.

4. A few drops of rain signal an immediate EMERGENCY LEVEL HAIR SITUATION.

5. You need your ghd like most people need air.

6. Your hair is pretty much guaranteed to lose its shit when you most need it to behave, such as in the presence of the hot Starbucks guy and bumping into your ex.

7. And of course you always have good hair days when you have zero social outings planned.

8. Your greatest fear is running out of hair products.

9. People with naturally smooth, glossy hair. You HATE these people.

10. Having to make a run for the bathroom in the morning to tame the beast when you’re sleeping over at a guy’s place for the first time.

11. Spending hours on your hair only to walk outside and have it instantly look like you’ve been electrocuted if the weather conditions aren’t near perfect is your life.

12. You always run out of conditioner WAY before shampoo.

13. And when you do have a good hair day and people compliment you on it, literally all you can think is, ‘You have NO idea how freakin’ long this took.’

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