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13 Mistakes You’ve Been Making With Your Beautyblender

13 Mistakes You’ve Been Making With Your Beautyblender

We know what’s stopping you from achieving flawless skin.

Good quality makeup is worth nothing if you don’t have the right tools to apply it. If you’ve been wondering why you can’t achieve that flawless selfie-ready skin Gigi and Kylie are flaunting so effortlessly, chances are you’re using cheap sponges or, even worse, your fingers, to blend foundation, concealer, blush and anything else you include in your makeup routine.

If that’s the case, run to your nearest Sephora and get yourself a Beautyblender – the neon pink egg-shaped sponge is the secret of top makeup artists across the world. But it can also spell makeup disaster if used incorrectly.

It may not seem as though you could do much wrong with a sponge, but if you don’t get the basics right, you’re wasting your time. And if you’re new to the humble Beautyblender, chances are, you’ve been making these rookie mistakes without even realizing…

1. You’re using it dry

In order to blend makeup evenly, the sponge has to be damp, so make sure you wet it completely before squeezing any excess water out.

2. You’ve wet it, but not enough

You might need to rehydrate the sponge after a few minutes, depending on how much you use it and how wet it was to begin with.

3. You’ve applied makeup directly onto the sponge


This is a recipe for way-too-thick foundation. Instead, dispense a small amount onto the back of your hand and dab the sponge onto it.

4. You’re sweeping

All you need to do is bounce, bounce, bounce. Sweeping will create streaks; bouncing will give you that perfect airbrush finish.

5. You’re applying too much pressure

There is no need to push the Beautyblender hard – simply applying it in a light bouncing motion will give you the best result.

6. You only use the it for foundation

You can, and should, use your Beautyblender for more than just your foundation. It works really well with bronzer, blush, concealer and even powder.

7. You’re using the wrong size


While the original size is great for foundation, blush and powder, the beautyblender works best with concealer, highlighter and spot coverage.

8. You’re not cleaning it properly


The bad news is the sponge has to be cleaned every time you use it. The good news is the blendercleanser makes it super easy to do just that. Simply apply cleanser, squeeze a few times, and rinse.

9. You’re being too rough with it

There is no need to pull and tug on the delicate sponge, not even while cleaning it, as too much rough handling can cause it to tear.

10. You only use it on your skin


The magical pink sponge can do so much more than skin basics. Use the tip to dab on lipstick for a more natural, stained look.

11. You store it in a bag


Wet sponges are the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria, so place your Beautyblender on top of the plastic package it came in until it’s completely dry.

12. You’ve held on to it for too long

Even if you wash your Beautyblender every day, there will come a time when you should bin it and buy a new one. If you use it a lot, that time will come around the three-month mark.

13. You’re ignoring its other talents

The beautyblender is a true multi-talent. When dry, gently sweep it over your face to remove excess product or even dab away any makeup mishaps – it’s like a makeup eraser!

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