13 Things Only People Who Work Christmas Eve Understand

December 22, 2015

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Yes! It’s finally here! You can hear those jingle bells ringing, Santa’s on his way, bringing lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh, and you are beyond excited for one of the most beloved days of the year…Christmas Eve!

But…you come catapulting back to dreary reality when you remember in fact, by some cruel twist of fate, you have to go to work. It seems sooo unfair, especially as pretty much all of your non-work friends have already gone on their Christmas vaycay, leaving you stuck at the office, all mopey and blue. Believe me, we feel your pain. Here are 13 things only those poor unfortunate souls who work Christmas Eve could possibly understand…

1. You wake up super excited, because it’s Christmas Eve!

Just like when you were a kid, you leap out of bed, eager to seize the day!

2. Then you remember you’ve got to work.

And all of a sudden, that delicious, pre-adolescent high comes to a crashing halt.

3. The day takes MUCH longer than normal.

What It's Like Working On Christmas Eve

Like, the only thing slower would be a snail with a limp. And no eyes.

4. And everybody seems in a shittier mood than usual.

What It's Like Working On Christmas Eve

It doesn’t matter how nice you are, everyone acts like they want to punch you in the face. Twice.

5. While you’re glad at least the coffee line is shorter.

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Yes! Yes! Give me all of the lattes!

6. But then you remember it’s because most people aren’t at work. Except for YOU.

No wonder the barrista looked pissed off…

7. You just want to eat all afternoon.

Nothing is worse than these cravings.

8. Because all you can think about is Christmas food. And the bastards all merrily eating it while you’re stuck in front of a computer.

Plum pudding, ham, brandy butter, stuffing…since when did your desk start looking like a turkey?!

9. And the lack of marzipan in the office is depressing.

Seriously, you never knew how much you desperately needed marzipan in your life until right this moment.

10. The loop of Christmas carols playing in the office is torturous.

Proving there are only so many times you can listen to Michael Buble sing It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. Especially when ain’t nothin’ looking like Christmas from inside your cubicle.

11. Because the only one worth listening to is Mariah’s.

Well, let’s face it. Mariah Carey is God.

12. But then five o’clock comes around…


13. And it’s all the sweeter because it’s CHRISTMAS EVE!

And that’s a freakin’ wrap, baby! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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