13 Totally Relatable Short Girl Memes

August 9, 2016
Short Girl Memes

This one’s for all the shorties out there.

Hi, my name’s Sarah, and I’m a short girl. Well, that’s what my hubby keeps telling me anyway. In fact, his exact words every time I get home and he comes in for a cuddle, resting his chin on my head, are “I swear you’re shrinking”.

I always deny it, but there’s a big chance it’s true. For starters, I’m Maltese – which pretty much means I’m shrinking at a slow but definite rate. I’ll literally be a walking headjob by the time my knees are too weak to give one – you Greek ladies out there know what I’m talking about.

You know what makes this situation all better? The hilarious memes that I’ve been tagged in over the years.

If you’re always wearing heels in an effort to look taller and even out your body weight with the illusion of elongated legs, you’ll love these totally relatable memes.

1. For the short girls who moonlight as mean girls.

Meme 3

2. For the short girls and their tall-ass besties.

Meme 2

3. For the short girls who are seriously crazy AF.

Meme 1

4. For the short girls who try their hardest to channel their inner domestic goddess.

Meme 5

5. For the short girls who head to the pool with their squad only to end up like this…

Meme 4

6. For the short girls who are religious when it suits them.

Meme 6

7. For the short girls who are cute as pie, even when they’re angry.

meme 7

8. For any short girl who has ever wanted to check herself out in a public restroom.

Meme 8

9. For the short girls who are over being used.

meme 9

10. For the short girls who aren’t afraid to kick butt.

meme 10

11. For the short girls who are sick of being teased by society but can’t physically do anything about it.

meme 12

12. For the short girls who refuse to give up

meme 11

And here’s a super-special one, courtesy of Shakespeare, to get all you fellow short girls through the day…


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