13 Travel Hacks For Getting Everything Into One Suitcase

October 26, 2015

Because organisation is key.

There is nothing worse than scrambling around the night before a holiday trying to get everything you need into your tiny suitcase. No doubt when you actually fit it all in, you’ll remember you need to pack your big winter coat. #firstworldproblems

Well fear not! With these handy tips and tricks you’ll be packing up and jet setting in no time.


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Seriously, anything and everything that is flexible enough to roll up you should. It may come as a surprise, but rolling up your clothes actually takes up less space than folding. Plus it makes rummaging around in your bag a lot easier and you’ll be less likely to make a mess. If you really want to be organised you can even roll up a whole outfit.

2. Create a packing list

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

It’s something your grandmother would tell you to do and you’d roll your eyes, but it will guarantee  you wont forget anything you desperately need, or (God forbid) pack unnecessary items. I know it sounds silly, but how many times have you arrived at your destination and left something behind? You get angry at yourself and (loudly) blurt out, “I remember thinking I had to pack that!” Such a shame; if only you had written it down on your list. Then you wouldn’t look like a crazy person in the hotel foyer.

3. Pack things inside your shoes

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

Inside your sneakers or other enclosed shoes there is a remarkable amount of room, and keeping them empty means you’re leaving valuable space untapped. Pop in anything you think has the potential to fit; use your imagination. I’m talking hair brushes, belts, scarves, sunscreen and of course, socks.

4. Don’t include anything you’ve not worn in the past year

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

If you haven’t worn it within the past year, then chances are you won’t be wearing it while you are on holiday. If you’re going on a summer holiday and you didn’t wear that breezy day dress last season, don’t pack it. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is. Stick to your staples for the trip unless you can guarantee they’ll be showcased.

5. Don’t bring your house with you

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway

Those mini bottles in your supermarket aren’t there just for laughs – they are your ultimate packing solution! Unless you have months and months of travelling ahead, you do not need to take your entire bathroom. If you are staying somewhere for a decent amount of time, buy your toiletries and staples at your destination. Alternatively, hotels normally provide the basics. So unless you need more than soap, shampoo and conditioner make sure you pack travel sized portions.

6. Group everything into bags

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

Pop all your underwear into one shoe bag and pack all your bras into another. Having separate compartments or pockets within your larger bag for your smaller items makes finding your belongings a breeze. Assemble all your toiletries into clear zip lock bags to ensure no spillage. Also, shoe bags are easy to store.

7. Wear your heaviest clothes on your journey

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

Your massive sun hat? Those hiking boots? Your bulky ski jacket? Yes, it’s best these items are worn on the plane. I know it sounds unnecessary but just think about it. Not only do these large bulky items often take up much-needed space in your luggage, they are most likely to be some of the heaviest things as well.

8. Share with your travel buddy

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

Do you really need two hairdryers between two people? Did everyone on your beach holiday pack sunscreen and an umbrella? As advised previously; although it may be tempting, you do not need to bring everything with you on vacation. Talk to the people you are travelling with and make sure you are not doubling up on large items that can be shared.

9. Don’t bring a towel

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

Towels take up lots of space and are often provided where you are staying. If you desperately need one between locations, get a microfiber travel towel. They are small and super absorbent.

10. Know your travel movements

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

Knowing exactly what you’re doing on your getaway will make it remarkably easier to pack for. If you know you wont be dining at flash restaurants then you won’t need to bring heels. Or if you’re heading somewhere and you don’t know the weather, look it up. Although you might be going to the mountains, there is a chance it could be unseasonably warm, which means no jumpers and more room!

11. Plan your outfits

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

In addition to knowing your activities on your trip, have a rough idea of what you would like to wear for each. Now take a step back and see if any of these outfits are flexible. Clothes you can transform from day to night or can mix and match are ideal. Eliminate any items you may only wear once or twice on your trip.

12. Lay out everything before you pack

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

Take one final look at everything before you finally pack it away into your luggage. This is the best time to see all you plan to take, and the perfect time to check whether your outfits work. It’s also handy to double check what you’re missing.

13.  Pretend your suitcase is a jigsaw

travel tips, vacation, holiday, travel, getaway, hacks

The more effectively you place things into your suitcase, the more room you’ll allow. Think mirroring your shoes, or popping hair straighteners down the side in a small gap.

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