13 Unrealistic Expectations Every College Student Has Had

February 1, 2016

It’s the best time of your life, right?

Starting college is one of the most exciting times ever – or so you think. Thanks to upbeat frat movies such as American Pie 2, Old School and Van Wilder, every highschool graduate looks forward to legendary parties, grand campuses, and little to no studying. How naive we all were.

In reality, being a student can still be the best time of your life, but it generally looks nothing like in the movies. Replace the wild parties and hot one-night stands with nights on the couch watching the latest Netflix series while eating Ramen, and you’ve come a bit closer to what the average student’s life looks like.

So if you’re about to start college, feel free to re-watch the frat classics, just don’t be too disappointed if the following things aren’t part of your experience.

1. Cute guys everywhere

Unfortunately, the cute guy ratio at university is pretty much the same as everywhere else, meaning that the hot ones are either taken or gay.

2. Wild parties all the time

Of course there are parties, but if you think you’ll get drunk and dance until dawn every single weekend, you’ll soon find out nobody has the time, money, or energy to do so.

3. Little to no homework

Unfortunately, the myth that all you have to do in order to get a degree is attend lectures and pass a multiple choice test at the end of the semester is simply not true. There is homework, term papers, and lots of reading to be done. But hey, after all, you came here to study didn’t you?

4. Being financially independent

Rent, textbooks, food – you’ll soon find out how expensive life is living outside of your parents’ roof, which usually results in a surprise visit home because you’ve missed them so much (aka: you need money).

5. Going out for drinks

Can’t wait to hang out at fancy bars and cafes with your new uber-cool college friends every day? After figuring out that wine is much cheaper when consumed at home from the box, you’ll never leave your couch again.

6. Having tons of friends

You can consider yourself lucky if you find one or two people in college you consider good friends. Sure, you’ll get to know a lot of new people and “hang out”, but real friendships are rare.

7. Liking your roommates

Living with other people? How fun! You’ve always wanted a roommate. At least, you did before you knew some people never wash up, drink your almond milk without ever paying for it, and listen to Skrillex at 2am on a Tuesday night.

8. Living in a beautiful apartment

That dream is very quickly crushed because of aforementioned roommates.

9. Being a responsible adult

Just because you’ve moved out of home and pay for your own instant coffee now doesn’t mean you all of a sudden know how to adult. It’s a long process that will probably take more than a few college years.

10. Eating all the junk food you want

When you first move out of home, you’re likely to be drooling in anticipation at all the junk food you’re going to be able to indulge in without your parents dictating the grocery list. But after about a week of living on Cheerios, it’ll get real old.

11. Living the high life

The only thing getting high in college will be your stoner roommate, as you quickly come to terms with the fact that after the cost of tuition fees and rent, you barely have enough cash leftover for bread, let alone champagne.

12. Finding your soulmate

While it’s true that many a married couple have found each other through college, the college offering of single guys tend to be compromised mainly of party boys who only want one thing.

13. Loving college life

Truth is, being a student looks fun in movies, and it can be even in reality. But you will have moments when all you want to do is drop out and find a job that doesn’t require a degree. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It will get better.

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