13 Purrfect Vacays For Crazy Cat Ladies

May 11, 2016

Calling all cat lovers…

Wouldn’t it be absolutely purrfect if your cat could travel the globe with you?

Well, unfortunately, the reality is, zip-lining in Costa Rica or scuba diving in Hawaii with a cat by your side is typically frowned upon, forcing us cat lovers to leave our pet BFFs behind.

But for some of us (discreetly raises hand), the thought of being without our cat for a week is enough to change our mind about that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tahiti altogether, leaving us sitting at home living through our friends’ Facebook feeds. If only there was some way to travel the world and still spend our days surrounded by a clowder of cats…

Turns out, that’s not such a far-fetched fantasy. Here are 13 purrfect holiday destinations for self-confessed crazy cat ladies…

1. Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei is home to the world’s first cat cafe, Cat Flower Garden. This cat cafe has attracted cat lovers from all around the globe since 1998; offering food, drinks and, of course, plenty of cats. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to have a cup of tea while surrounded by adorable kitties?

2. Moscow, Russia


Moscow Cat Theatre is home to more than 200 highly trained cats who put on incredible performances for people almost every day of May, June and July. Acrobatic cats in costumes? Yes, please!

3. Istanbul, Turkey


Cat cafes and cat theatres are one thing, but there really is nothing more satisfying than curling up at night with one of these cuddly companions. Istanbul is home to the Stray Cat Hostel, one of the only hostels in the world of its kind. And if you’re the artistic type, the hostel offers one free night’s accommodation for anyone who performs or creates a mural inside of the hostel.

4. Rome, Italy


Largo Di Torre Argentina is an outdoor cat sanctuary based in the ancient ruins of four Republican Roman temples from the 1500s, and houses over 300 friendly cats who love visitors. Not only do they have hundreds of adorable cats to pat, they also offer free tours of the ruins.

5. Ypres, Belgium


Every three years, the people of Ypres hold a Kattenstoet Festival devoted to cats to celebrate their middle-aged tradition of throwing cats from the Belfry Tower to kill evil spirits. Don’t worry though, only plush toy cats are thrown off the tower in the modern day festival.

6. Tokyo, Japan


Gotokuji Temple is the home of Maneki Neko (beckoning cat). As the Maneki Neko is the symbol of gratitude, over 1000 Maneki Neko figurines have been left by visitors and placed on every inch of this small temple with handwritten notes of thanks.

7. Edmonton, Canada


Edmonton International Cat Festival is the only one of its kind in the country; a place where cat lovers gather to celebrate cats and cat culture. And if cat yoga, cat shows, and cat cafes weren’t enough, 100 per cent of the proceeds are donated to local cat rescue groups to help stray cats find homes.

8. Florida, USA


Dominique LeFort is a world renowned entertainer and cat trainer who puts on incredible cat performances nightly at Westin Pier in Key West. From jumps to full–blown acrobatics, this show is absolutely purrfect for every cat lover.

9. Sanrio Puroland, Japan


Home to Hello Kitty, Sanrio Puroland is a huge theme park that has been attracting tourists for 25 years with its adorable Hello Kitty themed rides, buildings, shows, and anything else you could possibly think of. It’s basically every cat lover’s dream!

10. Kuching, Malaysia


Known as the cat capital of the world, Kuching is filled with cat museums, cat statues, cat cafes, and many more cat attractions. Everywhere you turn, there are cats, cats and even more cats!

11.  Amsterdam, Netherlands


Whoever said that cats and water don’t mix, clearly never went on the De Poezenboot. This floating cat sanctuary is a huge hit in Amsterdam, and is the most famous cat sanctuary in the world.

12. Ishinomaki, Japan


An island inhabited by hundreds of cats? Yes please! Tashirojima is accessible from Tokyo by ferry, and is the perfect day trip for cat lovers all over the world.

13. Florida, USA


Ever heard of six-toed cats? Well, they exist, and there are over 50 of them at this museum in Key West. These friendly cats are always up for a pat, and will even come if you call out their names.

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