13 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Relationship Stage

February 10, 2016

If love is blind, then why is lingerie so popular? 

Although my boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for just over two years now, every time Valentine’s Day rolls around I begin to feel an enormous amount of pressure to turn into a Stepford girlfriend. Somehow I’ve got to convey how I feel about him through a gift without doing permanent damage to my credit card or purchasing something he’ll hate.

Although I’ll scour the stores for days, I inevitably find myself at a loss. New socks aren’t personal enough, an engraved photo frame is too generic and a romantic trip to Paris is way out of my price range.

So if you’re like me and have exhausted all your resources, don’t fret. These 13 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas will suit any relationship stage, from newly coupled-up duos to so-married-it-hurts pairs, and are guaranteed to get your SO laughing, crying and most importantly, falling a little bit more in love with you…

1. A hilarious handmade Etsy mug


Relationship stage: Newly coupled

What it says: This cheeky present says ‘you’re the greatest’ without going OTT with gushiness, and the best thing about it is every time your SO takes a sip of coffee, they’ll think of you.

Buy it here.

2. A saucy ensemble


Relationship stage: Devoted duo

What it says: Getting a little playful under the covers never did anyone any harm. So if you’re looking to spice things up, surprise your bae with some new lingerie; a definite present for both parties. Whether it’s a red lace teddy or this sexy black ensemble from Triumph, you can’t go wrong.

Buy it here.

3. A bit of bling


Relationship stage: Married AF

What it says: Jewellery is an extremely personal gift, so buying your better half a bit of bling like this super cute Tiffany’s heart bracelet (or a set of cute cufflinks for guys) is a great way to confirm your devotion while also saying ‘you’re worth an exxy gift’.

Buy it here.

4. A tongue-in-cheek book


Relationship stage: Living together

What it says: The two of you have committed as much as humanly possible without getting married, so gifting a novelty book is a fab way to add a little humor into your serious relationship. This chucklesome Hipster Baby Names coffee table book is a great laugh and will also hint that you’d like to make things official, stat.

Book it here.

5. A funky coffee machine


Relationship stage: Devoted duo

What it says: Buying something you can use together, like this ruby red Nespresso Inissia, highlights how committed you are to your relationship. Even if you haven’t moved in together, buying a quality coffee machine will give you an excuse to stay over and have breakfast in bed.

Buy it here.

6. A totally adorbs card


Relationship stage: Not even sure if it’s a ‘thing’ yet

What it says: This cute handmade Etsy card is perfect to give to someone you’ve only been out with a couple of times and are keen to continue seeing. It says “I’m not sure where this is going, but I like you and I’m crossing my fingers and toes you’re into me too.”

Buy it here.

7. A grown-ass watch


Relationship stage: Waiting for a proposal

What it means: Let your partner know how you really feel about them this Valentine’s Day with an investment present. Few things say more about your character than your watch, so buying one that shows just how well you know your bae’s style is a surefire way to hit a gifting home run.

Buy it here.

8. A racy sex toy


Relationship stage: Just moved in together

What it means: As a pair you’re both comfortable with one another, but are looking to take your sex life to the next level; enter: your ideal gift. If you and your lover are keen to go on an adventure and enjoy the ride, then a pulsating adult toy like the sleek Lelo will take you there.

Buy it here.

9. A yearly subscription


Relationship stage: It’s been a year

What it says: A subscription to a magazine or service like Bellabox/Bellobox (yep, there’s a guy’s version, too) is a great way to give a gift that’ll keep on giving. So whether your Valentine is a guy or gal, they’ll be reminded every month of your love and devotion.

Buy it here.

10. A whimsical toy


Relationship stage: Preparing for your first vacay together

What it says: This quirky pool toy will reflect your fun personality and show your SO how much you’re looking forward to spending time together holidaying and sharing loved-up adventures.

Buy it here.

11. A pair of stylish shades


Relationship stage: Devoted duo

What it says: Say ‘eye love you’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) this Valentine’s by giving your SO an on-trend pair of shades like these sleek Maui Jim sunglasses, which are a particularly great gift idea for the partner who is forever losing their sunnies.

Buy it here.

12. A personalized cushion


Relationship stage: Just moved in together

What it says: This handmade Esty pillow symbolizes the start of the new journey you and your lover are about to take. You’ve sealed the deal by signing the lease, now it’s time for your joint pad to get its style game on.

Buy it here.

13. A portable party


Relationship stage: Things are getting serious

What it says: If your bae is the life of the party, and you’ve been together long enough to get away with a splurge gift, treat them to some portable speakers, so they can go wherever the music takes them.

Buy it here.

Now go forth and romance, lovers!

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