13 Zit Popping Videos That Are Equal Parts Disgusting And Delightful

March 2, 2017
Zit popping videos

You won’t be able to look away…

In the weird and wonderful world of YouTube, you can watch just about anything you ever imagined, plus plenty of things you never in your wildest dreams imagined – much less ever wanted to see (and will never be able to unsee). From the innocuous (a woman tapping her fingernails on various objects for an hour) to the ridiculous (how to give an opossum a massage) to the truly disturbing (people pretending dolls are human babies and changing their messy diapers), it’s all right there for your viewing pleasure.

But when it comes to watching weird videos, one of the more addictive genres has to be pimple popping. There are literally thousands of these videos on YouTube, where you can see all manner of growths, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, and plain old zits getting lanced, squeezed, pricked, and even surgically removed.

The most popular popper (sorry, I had to) has to be Dr Sandra Lee. She goes by ‘Dr Pimple Popper’ and has over two million subscribers. Her channel aims to give viewers “a window into my world as a dermatologist” and educate them about skin disease, as well as providing skin care advice. But really, is anyone there to learn about skin disease, or get skincare tips? No. We’re there for the pus.

Why are these videos so popular? Could it be that seeing a nasty string of pus liberated from an angrily swollen pore gives us a feeling of satisfaction that’s hard to come by in real life? A friend of mine used to say of her fights with her husband, “We had to let the pus out before it got infected,” and while that’s disgusting, I knew exactly what she meant.

If you could use some gross, yet oddly gratifying entertainment, here are 13 of Dr Popper’s greatest hits. (A word of warning – you might want to put aside the snacks while you watch these.)

1. A medley to get you warmed up…

2. Blackhead-lover’s delight.

3. Did you know you can get a zit on your eyelid? It’s called a milium.

4. Watch out, it’s gonna blow!

5. Popping out a piercing…YIKES.

6. Life-changing!

7. Mystery bumps…

8. OMG, it’s looking at me…

9. This one took some serious work.

10. Top 10 ‘soft pops’ as Dr Pimple Popper calls them…

11. This must have felt SO GOOD to have drained. Ouch!

12. Is this the grossest one of all?

13. And Dr Pimple Popper’s personal faves…

All videos via YouTube.

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