14 Candles That Smell Exactly Like Food

February 17, 2016

So good you’ll want to eat them.

Nobody wants to be that friend. You know the one. She’s a blast to be around, but her carefree ways have spilled into her home hygiene situation, making her pad smell somewhat iffy.

If you’re racking your brain to think of who in your group of gal pals has the pungent abode, then maybe it’s – sorry to break it to you – you. Thankfully for lazy girls everywhere, deliciously scented candles have made masking the odor of your overflowing dirty laundry basket easier than ever.

And sweetly scented candles will not only make your place smell nicer, they can leave it smelling exactly like your fave foods – think Summer berry puddings, citrus, gingerbread and crème brulees. So naturally, we had to test every one we could get our hands on to bring you the best. Here are our top picks…

1. Musq Coconut & Wild Lime Candle


“The black and white look of this candle is contemporary and elegant while the smell of coconut and lime takes you to a tropical beach. Perfect for warm Summer nights.”

Nadine Dilong, SHESAID Content producer

2. Voluspa Apple and Blue Clover Candle


“Juicy apple comes together with magnolia, blue clover and coconut in this candle which makes me feel like I’ve taken a vacay every time I light it.”

Nadia Stennett, SHESAID Editor

3. Circa Home Crème Brûlée Scented Soy Candle


“This candle smells so much like the dessert I actually had a dream it was a giant pot of crème brulee, and I was eating it with a spoon. And that’s not even a joke.”

Daisy Cousens, SHESAID Content producer

4. Aspen Bay Sugared Citron Candle


“The fragrance of this sugared citron candle reminds me of the hard candies I used to have as a kid. With a hint of orange and sugar as its name suggests, the aroma makes me want to grab a spoon and eat it!”

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editorial assistant

5. Diptyque Vanille Candle


“The Rolls-Royce among candles, Diptyque always delivers. The iconic packaging perfectly reflects the sophisticated smell of vanilla and orchid. It’s so Parisian, I immediately want to hop on a flight to France when I burn it.”

Nadine Dilong, SHESAID Content producer

6. MOR Lychee Flower Fragrant Candle


“As soon as I took off the gold metal lid, the sweet smell of lychee and berries filled the room, sending everyone rushing to my desk to ask what I was eating. I also love that the black glass vessel is paired with black wax, which makes the whole candle super chic.”

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editorial assistant

7. Peppermint Grove Lemongrass and Lime Candle


“One whiff of this candle transports me straight back to picking lemongrass from my mother’s garden to help prepare Asian feasts for our friends. The aroma of lemongrass and lime is so fresh, I’ll definitely be burning this one when Summer rolls around.”

Nadia Stennett, SHESAID Editor

8. Kringle Ginger Snow Angel Candle 


“Missing Christmas already? This candle smells good enough to eat – with hints of crushed nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar, cinnamon and snow vanilla – it takes me back to the holiday season every time I lift the lid off the jar.”

Daisy Cousens, SHESAID Content producer

9. Aromatherapy Company’s Smith & Co. Wild Summer Berry Pudding Candle


“I love the fact that this candle comes in a bowl rather than a glass or jar, which makes sense, as its smell is inspired by a berry pudding. It even comes with a recipe so you can have the ultimate multi-sensorial berry pudding experience.”

Nadine Dilong, SHESAID Content producer 

10. Rituals Sweet Sunrise Candle


“This scented candle is beautiful. The combination of sweet orange and cedar wood is not overpowering and leaves my pad smelling like a delectable dessert.”

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editorial assistant

11. Sass & Bide Ember Candle


“There are few things in life that I love more than the smell of freshly ground spices. This candle has top notes of nutmeg, cardamom and cumin so I instantly fell head over heels.”

Daisy Cousens, SHESAID Content producer

12. Bougies de LUXE French Pear Candle


“The smell of this candle is incredibly on-point when it comes to transporting me to conjuring up images of biting into a juicy pear every time it’s lit. So sweet and smooth, I’ll never get sick of burning this!”

Nadia Stennett, SHESAID Editor

13. Glasshouse Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Candle


“Smelling like caramel candy and vanilla custard, this candle transports me back to childhood memories and always makes my husband think I’m in the kitchen baking when he gets home and it’s burning.”

Nadine Dilong, SHESAID Content producer

14. Soy Vella Liquorice and Mint Candle


“At first I thought a liquorice and mint candle was a little unusual, but boy, the two scents combine so smoothly to create a subtle aroma that smells like a freshly opened packet of liquorice candy. In other words, it’s delicious.”

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editorial assistant 

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