14 Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities Like Total BOSSES

October 26, 2016

Imitation is the finest form of flattery.

Love them or hate them, celebrities are in the public eye a lot, leaving them open to parody and impersonation. And some stars in particular, have quirky mannerisms and unique personalities that make them all-too-perfect targets for hilarious impressions.

While there are some everyday folks who take pride in their celebrity impressions, like these women who look exactly like Kim Kardashian, sometimes the best and most hilarious impersonations of famous people come from other celebrities – because it takes one to know one!

Whether it is the ability to sound exactly like another famous artist when belting out a tune, or pull off a side-splitting spoof of a politician, these female celebs absolutely nail these impressions…

1. Kate McKinnon slaying it as Ellen.

2. Kate Hudson hilariously spoofing Matthew McConaughey.

3. Celine Dion smashing it as Cher, Rihanna and Sia.

4. Vanessa Bayers expertly doing all of our fave Friends.

5. Christina Aguilera completely nailing Cher, Britney Spears and Shakira.

6. Kristen Wiig perfecting the Bachelorette, JoJo.

7. Arianna Grande literally becoming Jennifer Lawrence.

8. Kate McKinnon presidentially impersonating Hillary Clinton.

10. Christina Aguilera embodying Samantha from Sex And The City.

11. Arianna Grande channelling Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion.

13. Tina Fey perfectly parodying Sarah Palin.

14. And Maya Rudolph absolutely killing it as Beyonce.

Videos via youtube.com

Comment: Who does your fave celebrity impression?


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