14 Cocktails That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

November 13, 2015
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Regardless of your alcoholic preference, it’s hard to go past a tasty cocktail. Made strong, weak, sweet or sour, there is one out there for everyone.

Just as amazing pubs around the world are famous for their venue and atmosphere, establishments are making themselves known with their cool signature cocktails. While some of them might be a little too difficult for us to make at home, some are surprisingly simple to emulate. So if you’re interested in experiencing something special for your Saturday night, we’ve got 14 cocktails that are so delicious and decadent, they’re almost too good to be true…

1. Paloma Hermosa

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

If you happen to be hanging around South Beach in Florida and love tequila, then this one is for you. W South Beach’s Paloma Hermosa is make of grapefruit, lime, agave, egg whites and a mix of Tapatio Blanco tequila and St. Germain Elderflower liqueur. (Recipe here)

2. Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys

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Swap your red tomatoes with green ones and replace your traditional lemon garnish with some crispy bacon and you have love at first sip. (Recipe here)

3. Cotton Candy Martini

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

Bringing together two of our fave things; fairy floss and martinis, this tasty treat in a cup is an American classic that combines white cranberry juice and vanilla syrup with whipped cream vodka and a hefty helping of cotton candy for a drink that’s as dreamy as it is delish. (Recipe here)

4. Ron Zacapa Blazer

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

For those who like to play with fire, this one is for you. Made with one of the best rum’s in the world, Ron Zacapa and flamed with Pedro Ximenez sherry, this is sure to be the highlight of your night, and there’s no need for at-home pyromania, as most good cocktail bars will make it on request.

5. Gingerbread Apple Cocktail

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

If you’re a Christmas fanatic then this one is for you. Bring together ginger, apple cider and vodka and you can have yourself a very boozy little Christmas. (Recipe here)

6. Whiskey and Cola

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

While rum and coke is set aside for your budget college years, this classy take on the standard mixer drink takes things up a notch in the sophistication stakes, swapping out the rum for a smooth, aged whisky that’s sure to please your inner grown-up. (Recipe here)

6. Applepie Moonshine

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

This drink is a little crazy and sure to put you in a good mood. Surprisingly smooth to drink and bursting with the taste of apple pie, it’s a great one to add to your Winter repertoire. (Recipe here)

7. Forever Young

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

Labelled Forever Young, this cocktail’s home is the infamous Artesian Hotel Bar at the Langham in London and is a mix of Grey Goose vodka, eucalyptus, Maraschino, Maritini Extra Dry and citrus fruit. The interesting mix was inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray, a novel from Oscar Wilde.

8. The Versailles Experience

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If you are keen on this absinthe fountain, it can be found at Eau de Vie, Sydney. This elegant drink combines mint, apple, pear and lemon for a delicious mix. But be warned, it’ll get you liquored up fast!

9. Vampire Cocktail

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

Halloween enthusiasts will enjoy this bloody treat. If pair your cool Halloween outfit with this drama-filled cocktail for a frighteningly good night. (Recipe here)

10. Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan 

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

Who doesn’t love a good cosmo?! Take it to another level with this attention-grabbing lady’s leg servingware at Sydney’s Eau de Vie bar, or replicate it at home, traditional style. (Recipe here)

11. Bubble Tea Cocktail

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

This creation takes bubble tea to a whole other level, served overflowing with edible foam, it’s a popular cocktail at Hong Kong’s Boba Bear bar, so be sure to request one next time you’re visiting Asia.

13. Winston Cocktail

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

Got a spare $12,970 lying around? Then you too could enjoy the world’s most expensive cocktail, made from Croizet’s 1858 Cuvee Leonie cognac and named after Winston Churchill, served at Melbourne’s Club 23 to a lucky drinker in February 2013, it may taste amazing, but you’re unlikely to see anyone lining up to get it.

14. La Llorona Cocktail

cocktails, fun, drinks, summer drinks,

While these cocktails may look smoking hot they are actually ice cold, using dry ice as the active ingredient. They’re popular at most reputable cocktail bars, but also super easy to DIY at home, too. (Recipe here)

 Comment: What’s the best cocktail you’ve ever had and where was it?

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