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14 Cocktails That’ll Make Being Back At Work Again Bearable

14 Cocktails That’ll Make Being Back At Work Again Bearable

How are we already back?!

It seems like only yesterday it was Christmas Eve, and we were impatiently waiting for the clock to strike five so we could give our coworkers compulsory well wishes, pack our bags and head home to begin our vacays.

But alas, the New Year has officially begun, and that means heading back to work is, unfortunately, inevitable. So to help ease your way back into the daily grind, here are 14 criminally easy, mouthwateringly tasty cocktail ideas that’ll make facing that to-do list again bearable…

1. Lime Rosé Spritzer


With just a touch of fizz, this light and thirst-quenching spritzer will add some zing to your Friday afternoon as you welcome the long awaited weekend. (Recipe here)

2. Tequila Sunrise


At the end of a long day, even lifting a finger seems an impossible task. So when you’re too brain-fried to think, let this sweet, fruity and simple cocktail become your go-to fix. (Recipe here)

3. Rhubarb Mint Julep


The combo of mint and rhubarb creates a herbal blend that’s tangy and reinvigorating. Perfect for helping you bounce back from your post vacay slump. (Recipe here)

4. Vodka Soda


With only two ingredients and no sugar, the vodka soda appeals to both your inner health queen and lazy girl. The perfect choice if you’re looking to have a drink (or four) after a tough Tuesday. (Recipe here)

5. The South Side


A refreshing tropical cocktail with lemon and mint flair. This is guaranteed to take the edge off after a long first week back hurling obscentities at the printer. (Recipe here)

6. Toasted Coconut And Rum Iced Coffee


Forget about today’s work dramas, rug up in front of the fire and knock back a few of these rum infused iced coffees. (Recipe here)

7. Rosemary Greyhound


If keeping your eyes open is a struggle after your first day back, this cocktail is perfect. With just three ingredients, you’ll be able to fix yourself one, even with your eyes closed. (Recipe here)

8. French 75


Ice cold, fresh and slightly bitter, this classic cocktail is suitable for any occasion, including a five o’clock pick-me up. (Recipe here)

9. Screwdriver Mule


After just one sip of this happy mix of sweet and sour, you’ll be kicking back your heels and forgetting you’re due at 8am Monday for your dreaded weekly staff meeting. (Recipe here)

10. Maid In Mexico


A balanced drink that combines the tastes of Mexico, (read: tequila) with mint and cucumber. The only negative being you won’t be able to include it as one of your five veggies a day! (Recipe here)

11. Rum and Coke


The ultimate fuss-free drink. To take this cocktail up a notch and help kick you into high gear, go for aged dark rum for a smoother taste. (Recipe here)

12. Dark Cherry Agua Fresca


If you’re looking to recapture your inner zen after a stress-inducing one-on-one with your boss, this agua fresca variation is like yoga in a glass. No gym mat required. (Recipe here)

13. Boozy Affogato


You can have your dessert and drink it too with this mouthwatering cocktail. Coffee, ice-cream and liquor; does it get any better? (Recipe here)

14. Grapefruit Salty Dog


Super easy to whip together, grapefruit juice, salt and vodka are all you’ll need to create this drink that’ll make facing that monolithic inbox of emails bearable. (Recipe here)

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