15 Stages Of Applying Winged Eyeliner Every Woman Understands

April 24, 2017


You can tell a lot by looking at a woman’s winged eyeliner. For starters, she is brave for even trying, and if the wing is perfect, she either has a lot of time on her hands or is a freaking makeup genius we should all bow down to.

Using liquid eyeliner is always a challenge, even for the most experienced beauty aficionados who live and breathe makeup. From getting the angle right to achieving symmetry on both eyes, there are so many things that can go wrong, and even the slightest twitch in your hand can ruin your wing – and therefore your entire day.

The saying “never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she’s late” is so on-point, we couldn’t agree more with it. And we’re sure any woman who has ever tried to get the perfect cat eye can relate to the stages it takes to get there…

1. To wing or not to wing…

2. It’s a beautiful day, let’s give it another go.

3. Only, thinking about it makes my hands shakey…

4. Don’t blink, don’t move, just glide.

5. You got this, girl!

6. Woohoo, first side done! I should become a makeup artist.

7. The pressure is on for the other eye.

8. Oh no… this one’s a little bigger.

9. That’s okay, just make the other one bigger as well.


10. How does this one look so much worse?

11. What the fuck?! I look like a panda.


12. But if I remove the liner and start again, I’ll mess up my foundation.


14. I was supposed to leave the house 10 minutes ago. Yep, I’m screwed.

15. Screw this, I give up on ever doing this again. *Repeats entire struggle the very next day*

While there is no foolproof way of getting the perfect cat eye yet, there are a few products and some tips and tricks that will make it much easier. Try the following eyeliner hacks if you relate to the above struggle…

The tape trick

Using sticky tape and placing it in the same angle as your bottom lashline will ensure your wing has a crisp edge and straight angle.

The Sticky Trick For Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The spoon secret

If you’re after more of a round angle, using a spoon helps to achieve symmetry on both eyes. Simply run the eyeliner alongside it like a stencil for a crisp, even edge.


The stamp hack

If all else fails, using an eyeliner stamp might be the way to go…

Images via youtube.com, giphy.com, britishbeautyaddict.com, blog.dotfully.com, tumblr.com, instagram.com.

Comment: Do you struggle to apply winged eyeliner, or have a great hack for cinching it?


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