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14 Depressing Things That Have Happened To Anyone Who’s Ever Been On A Tinder Date

14 Depressing Things That Have Happened To Anyone Who’s Ever Been On A Tinder Date

Online dating is a hard game to play. 

If you’re single and not currently living in a cave, chances are you’ve at least flirted with Tinder.

But while it’s arguably the best known dating app around, its rep is more than a little shady. If you’ve managed to escape using it for more than 20 minutes without receiving a dick pic, you deserve a special mention in the history books.

Let’s face it, when safely tucked away behind their phone screens, most guys are willing to send pretty douchey messages – things the same men wouldn’t dare utter in real-life. (Thankfully that’s also made way for a glorious trend of women savagely shutting down TSPs – Tinder sex pests – in epic style.) So while Tinder dating can include the following depressing moments, it’s at the very least reminded us of the girl power still living strong in every woman who’s ever smugly crafted the perfect comeback to the ever-threatening eggplant emoji…

1. You finally get the courage to ask someone on Tinder on a date, only to get shut down.

could have had it all tinder date

2. Or worse, your prospective Tinder date suggests ‘Netflix and Chill’ instead of dinner.

netflix and chill tinder date

3. You spend hours getting ready only to have your date cancel at the last minute.

your loss tinder date

4. You actually go on the date and they turn up and look different to their profile pics. Turns out, you’ve been kittenfished!

who are you tinder date

5. While you’re on your date, you run out of conversation topics and sit in awkward silence

say something tinder date

6. Or worse, they say too much, and none of it is good.

can I mute you tinder date

7. The topic of past love-life comes up and they say a horrible comment about other women they’ve met on Tinder.

stupid comment tinder date

8. While you’re on the date, they get Tinder notifications right in front of you.

not cool tinder date

9. Or, open their Tinder notifications and start swiping while you’re still on the date.

disrespect tinder date

10. They don’t even try to act like they want to get to know you, instead spending the entire date talking about themselves or asking creepy AF questions about your sexual preferences.

get over yourself tinder date

11. They go up to the bar and buy themselves a drink, leaving you empty-handed, or ask to split the bill when the meal is finished.

not today satan tinder date

12. You leave the date and never hear from them again. Even if everything went amazingly; it’s literally like you never existed.

so annoyed tinder date

13. Or worse, they assume because you’ve been on one date you’d just love to see an unsolicited picture of their penis.

dick pic tinder date

14. After vowing to never Tinder again, you eventually re-download it and begin swiping away again, because, after all, not all Tinder dates end in disaster. Someone’s eventually gotta get lucky, right?

rinse and repeat tinder date

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Comment: Have you ever been on a disastrous Tinder date? 

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