14 Hairstyle Ideas Sure To Impress At This Year’s Holiday Parties

December 7, 2018

This season, be the light of the party. 

Office party, family get-together, New Year’s bash… So many holiday parties, so many different on-trend ways to style your hair!

And some of them are very sparkly, in keeping with the still-trending and ever-evolving craze for glitter. “We’re loving glitter on the roots or on your part,” says Franck Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK Hair Care. “You can do it in unexpected places, like on the side of your hair at the roots, or go past just the roots to cover more of the crown of your head. You can also play with the saturation of the glitter to get a more impactful look.”

That’s not the only way to light up any given party. Adorning your hair with a clip (or many clips) is another way to stand out. “We’re seeing a trend with big barrettes like in the 90s,” says Izquierdo. “You can add them to an updo (behind a top knot) or put them on either side of your part for flat roots and voluminous ends.” Clips can range from the classic barrette to something a little more holiday-themed (think holly, a brightly colored gift bow, or velvet ribbon!).

When it comes to color, you may want to go for a lush, Christmas tree green — or the holiday platinum that’s all the rage for the 2018 season. Of course, it’s also an option to play things a little more low-key, which you can do with a messy bun or the always-striking glass hair.

1. #GlitterRoots


2. Messy holiday updo


3. Braided band


4. Knotty and nice


5. Gilded braid


6. Holiday platinum


7. Bows of holly


8. Evergreen


9. Luscious curls


10. Clip it!


11. … clip it good


12. Gift wrap


13. Glass roots


14. Bejeweled

Comment: What’s your favorite holiday party look?

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