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14 Little Things That Happen When You Meet Your Match

14 Little Things That Happen When You Meet Your Match

It’s what we’re all looking for.

When you fall in love, it feels like the whole world has shifted. One day, you were just going along living your life, and the next, everything seems different because you’ve met this amazing person, and where did they come from, and how did you get so lucky?

No matter how strenuously anyone insists they’re fine on their own, or how cynical they are about relationships, the truth is that we all want someone by our side in this life, and that’s okay. Being happily partnered extends our lives, makes us healthier, is more economical, and just makes life better.

If you’re already happily coupled-up, congratulations. You know all of this already. But if you’re still looking for your perfect person, or you’re with someone and you’re just not sure whether he’s the one, let’s talk about the way your life changes when you meet the person who is really your person. Because when you’re single and dating, it’s easy to lose direction and get confused about what, exactly, you’re supposed to be looking for.

Finding the perfect person isn’t just about meeting someone who checks off all the boxes on your list of desired qualities. It’s about becoming a better version of yourself, because you’ve found someone who loves you and believes in you in a way you never imagined was possible. Here are some of the things that happen when you’ve met the one…

1. You feel good about yourself.

2. He’s the first person you want to share good news with.

3. You’re brave enough to try new things.

4. You walk around smiling.

5. Your friends are happy for you.

6. But, they also can’t stand you sometimes, because your love is so next-level.

7. You’re less anxious.

8. You never feel alone.

9. You’re not confused about where things are going.

10. You laugh. A lot.

11. You feel things more deeply.

12. You wonder how you got so lucky.

13. You dream bigger dreams.

14. And you feel safe.

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Comment: Do you ever get discouraged about meeting your ‘perfect’ person?

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