14 Must-Have Products For Short Hair

April 6, 2018
Short hair product ideas

Your styling routine just got short and sweet

Maybe you’ve been rocking a short crop for years, like me.

Or maybe you’ve only recently done the math (like the mind-blowing hack that tells you if short hair would suit you!) and decided to take it all off (because after all, you can always grow it back super long!). Either way, you know there are lots of reasons that short hair is awesome — and also that the styling routine for your look is different than it is for long hair.

When those long locks were cut off, hopefully the split ends and years of styling damage went with them: your short hair is healthy and shiny and of course you want to keep it soft and smooth. It’s also perfect for styling in lots of different ways, which means you can go with tousled volume (think Halle Berry when she teases those bangs up); sleek and slicked to the side; wavy and sexy, just-woke-up, bed-headed perfection… the list goes on. Start your routine in the shower when you whip up a cleansing, moisturizing lather and finish up with that one surprising, essential item that every pixie should have.

1. Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo, $19

Start your crop off right in the shower with a shampoo that’ll refresh and hydrate (and oh, yeah, clean — sometimes I forget that part!) your locks.

Buy it here.

2. Number 4 Lumiere d hiver Reconstructing Masque, $25

However you’re planning on styling your short ‘do, after your shampoo you’ll want to get off on the right foot (strand?) by keeping things smooth and soft. Number 4’s Reconstructing Masque will do just that, with a light, pleasing fragrance to boot.

Buy it here.

3. Conair Shower Comb, $3

So you want to run a comb through your hair to detangle and shape, but you don’t want to make it frizzy, right? This wide-toothed comb from Conair is easy on the wallet and — since it comes in such cute colors — the eyes, too.

Buy it here.

4. Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush, $100

If you want to straighten your crop and/or add some volume, try to get your hands on this fan fave thermal brush (not always easy, since it’s frequently sold out!) that promises blowout-style results

Buy it here.

5. Eva NYC Mini Healthy Heat Ceramic Styling Iron, $30

If you’ve ever tried to iron a pixie cut with a regular-sized hair iron (like I have), you’ll find out (like I have) that it can be ineffective and downright scalp-singing. This mini-iron is perfectly sized for straightening short locks.

Buy it here.

6. Aveda Brilliant Damage Control


When you’re using any kind of heat to style your hair (whether it’s short or long), please don’t forget protection! Aveda’s pre-styling spray helps prevent damage and also — in the tradition of all Aveda products — smells amazing.

Buy it here.

7. Suavecita Pomade, $12

Pomade is an amazing tool for styling a short cut. I particularly love it for shaping those cute little pixie points around the ears, forehead, and neck. My fave pomade is this one from Suavecito; it smells lovely and it’s never ever greasy. And do you love that packaging?

Buy it here.

8. Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel, $3.50

Trust me when I recommend a hair gel, because I know all about hair gels. Sometimes I feel like I’ve tried them all. This is my all-time favorite: it’s light and not-too-crispy and perfect for that slick and sleek look.

Buy it here.

9L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Undone Style Cream, $4

Another option if you’re air-drying is this styling cream, one of my personal faves. It’s light but provides a good hold and shine, too. And it’ll pretty up your medicine cabinet!

Buy it here.

10. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $25

Shampooing your short crop too much can make it dry and frizzy, so sometimes a dry shampoo is just the ticket. This one from Amika freshens up your hair while using rice starch to absorb oils.

Buy it here.

11. Tigi Bed Head Hard To Get Paste, $9.50

No list of pixie products would be complete without hair paste — it provides texture and hold that’s perfect for spiking or touseling your ‘do. Just don’t forget to rub it between your palms to soften and warm before applying so that you don’t wind up with chunks of it in your mane!
Buy it here.

12. Tinkle Hair Cutter, $4

The name of this cute dual hair razor is a bit unfortunate, because it sounds kind of pee-related. Couldn’t they have added one more letter and made it “Twinkle?” But I do love this little item, which I use to thin and cut my hair at the neck and the sides. It’s very subtle and perfect for that period in between haircuts.

Buy it here.

13. R+Co Freeway Defining Spray Gel, $29

For curly crops, this is just right for defining and controlling waves; for other hair types, it’ll help you achieve long-lasting volume that isn’t hard or crunchy.

Buy it here.

14. Gap Women’s Striped Shirt, $24

Surprised? Accentuating your ‘do isn’t all about beauty products. No pixie cut or short crop is complete without the requisite striped shirt. It shouts chic, timeless, gamine, and “New York Herald Tribune!” (a la the classic French film Breathless, starring pixie icon Jean Seberg.)

Buy it here.

Comment: What are your favorite short hair products? 

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