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14 Plane Shaming Photos You Can’t Unsee

14 Plane Shaming Photos You Can’t Unsee

Nope. No way. Yuck.

We all know that unless you’re sitting pretty in first or business class, flying long haul isn’t the most comfortable experience.

Around eight hours in, the novelty of unlimited alcohol and the ability to catch up on GoT wears thin and you suddenly grow very, very restless. Despite your best efforts, the chair won’t push back any further and although you try to get comfortable in a new position – sitting on your side, sitting on your other side, legs up, legs down, using the pillow as a buffer – your behind remains numb.

Regardless, normal people like you and I carry on through the discomfort, however, search the hashtag #passengershaming, and you’re sure to find a whole lot of travellers who suddenly forget all sense of personal dignity, common decency and even hygiene, the moment they step on board an aircraft. Here are 14 of the most disturbing examples of seriously shameful passengers. Remember them next time you consider putting your feet on the seat in front of you…

1. Even in enclosed shoes, granny toenails are not okay. Not now, not ever.


2. Air hostesses are not slaves. Someone should let the person who left this pile of dirty nappies and rubbish know.


3. That’s okay, Goldilocks, I didn’t want to watch the TV anyway.


4. I don’t remember seeing ‘foot’ on the lunch menu.


5. Yep, totally not okay.


6. Shirts were invented for a reason. ‘Nuff said.


7. That’s a surprise visitor nobody wants to see. Ever.


8. Anyone interested in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Yeah, me neither.


9. News flash: this ain’t a living room.


10. If I was the guy on the end, I’d be asking for a new seat.


11. Clearly these people forgot how to use a bin.


12. Nope. No way. Nah-uh. Yuck.


13. Did this person forget how eating worked?


14. Just, no.


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Comment: What’s the worst example of passenger conduct you’ve ever witnessed on a plane?


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