14 Pokémon Go Hacks You Need In Your Life

August 5, 2016

Gotta catch ’em all? Read this and GO!

If you’re obsessed with Pokémon Go – and, let’s face it, pretty much everybody is these days, even if they don’t want to admit it – you no doubt dream of hitting the fabled level 30 in the game.

These 14 tips will help you navigate your way up, hopefully without sending you plunging over a cliff or into the middle of a stampede.

1. Get Pikachu right off the bat

Pikachu is everyone’s fave. To start off the game with Pikachu, refuse to pick one of the first three Pokémon you’re offered. Just keep walking and ignoring the ones you don’t want, and eventually Pikachu will show up.

2. Literally catch ’em all

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already got 37 Pidgeys – catch every one you see. The more Pokémon you capture, the more candy you get. More candy means more evolution. So never simply pass by that Pidgey, Rattata or Weedle.

3. Evolve your triples

You can level up faster by evolving all those common Pokémon you have multiples of, then giving them to the professor for bonus candy. Now aren’t you glad you caught all those extra Weedles?

4. Follow the crowds

Places like Central Park in Manhattan and Hyde Park in Sydney are hotspots for Pokéstops. If you don’t live in a big city, try to go where people are congregating to find the most Pokémon.

5. Act fast

If you fling a Pokéball and miss, don’t worry – you can pick it up and try again if you’re fast enough. Just tap on the ball and drag it back into the firing line before it vanishes forever.

6. Throw a curveball

You’ll need to warm up your fingers for this one. Get a curveball bonus by tapping the Pokéball at the bottom of the screen, dragging it forward, then swirling it in a circle. When it starts giving off sparks, fling it diagonally towards a Pokémon. If you’ve done it right, you’ll get that bonus as well as your capture.

7. Go on a long adventure

When you get eggs from a PokéStop, you can incubate them by walking further. Just go to the main menu to find your eggs, tap them to start them incubating, then walk as far as you can while the game is active and the screen is on. When you’ve walked far enough, the egg will hatch.

8. Gravitate towards pink and green

When you see swirling green leaves, it means a Pokémon is near. Head for those leaves and get ready for a Pokémon to appear. Another shade to look out for is pink – if a PokéStop has pink leaves, it means a generous player has left a lure in the area.

9. Be aware of your surroundings

Playing in different types of terrain, at different times of day, will increase the variety of Pokémon you’ll find. For example, when you play at night, you’re more likely to catch a Zubat. If you’re near a water source, you might find a Goldeen or a Magikarp.

10. Be strategic

At the gym, a dodge and attack strategy is your best bet. Look for your opponent’s yellow flash, then immediately dodge their impending attack. After you dodge, tap on your opponent’s Pokémon to attack as fast as possible.

11. Stay up late (or get up early) for PokéGym success

In the wee hours of the morning, it’s easier to win gym battles. That’s because people are generally, you know, sleeping – but sleep is for the weak. Hit up the gym between two and three in the morning for the best results.

12. Download PokéVision to catch the Pokémon you really want

PokéVision will show you exactly where each kind of Pokémon is located. Just tap into Pokémon Go’s data and a map will come up. Yeah, a MAP. Takes the fun out of it a little bit, but hey – you do what you need to do.

13. Use Poké Radar to find rare Pokémon

Another app, Poké Radar, uses crowdsourcing to help you find those rare Pokémon you covet. Users drop pins where they find rare Pokémon, so download the app to see where you’re likely to catch one.

14. Control what Eevee becomes

Only one Pokémon in the game can evolve into one of three different creatures: Eevee. But it’s random, right? Wrong. You can control what your Eevee will evolve into by nicknaming it either Rainer, Pyro or Sparky. Rainer will turn into a Vaporeon, Pyro will evolve into a Flareon, and Sparky will turn into a Jolteon. Rumor has it this cheat only works once, though, so use it wisely.

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