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14 Struggles Only Single People Understand At Christmas

14 Struggles Only Single People Understand At Christmas

Why are there so many sad Christmas songs, anyway?

Ah, Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – if you’re happily coupled up. After all, that’s what cuffing season is all about, right? Making sure you’ll have a date to all those holiday parties, and someone special to buy a Christmas gift for?

If you’ve recently broken up with someone, or tried and failed to cuff someone special before the holiday season hit, Christmas can be pretty tough to get through. When you see couples out shopping, or ice skating, or even just holding hands and looking happy, you start to wonder if you’re being too picky, or if there’s something fundamentally unloveable about you.

While being in a relationship during the holidays comes with its own set of complications (fighting over whose family you’ll have Christmas dinner with, hello?) anyone who’s ever been single at Christmas knows the pain of not having anyone at all to celebrate the season with.

Here are 14 of the worst things about not having a partner during the holidays:

1. Being asked about your love life at every single family dinner, party, and event.

2. Not having anyone to dish with after holiday parties.

3. Not even being invited to certain parties because it was going to be all couples and no one wanted you to feel weird.

4. No one to snuggle with while watching Love Actually for the 37th time.

5. Making awkward small talk with other single people at parties.

6. Wondering if you’ll always be alone on Christmas.

7. Crying whenever Taylor Swift’s ‘Christmases When You Were Mine’ plays.

8. Ditto Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Mittens.’

9. People making dumb jokes whenever you accidentally stand under some mistletoe.

10. Being pitied.

11. Trying to make people feel better about your single status, when you’re actually feeling pretty miserable about it yourself.

12. Seeing cute couples everywhere doing cute holiday things.

13. Drinking too much at every party because you don’t want to think about going home alone.

14. Dreading New Year’s Eve.

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Comment: What do you think is the worst thing about being single at Christmas?

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