14 Text Messages That’ll Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

March 7, 2019

Just hit send and wait for the sparks to fly…

Let’s face it; most of us spend 90 per cent of our waking hours glued to our phones.

And whether we love or loathe the strange power they wield over us, there’s no denying the fact we all get worked up when we text someone and don’t get a near-instant response back. After all, who’s ever more than arm’s reach away from their phone?

For that reason, text messages can play a vital role in our relationships. A budding new romance tends to be liberally sprinkled with copious amounts of ‘Just because’ messages, whilst a more long-term relationship often sees ‘Thinking of you’ texts exchanged for the more practical ‘Can you get some more toilet paper on the way home?’ communications. It’s not surprising then, that this is also around the time most couples report experiencing a dip in their sex lives and their excitement to see one another.

The good news though, is it’s incredibly easy to get that spark back, and you can do it via the touch of a few buttons on your phone, with these loving texts, sure to reignite your romance…

1. Thought of you while I was in the shower this morning…

2. You looked so handsome when you left for work today. How’d I get so lucky to land you?

3. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you, and everything you do for me.

4. That kiss when you got home last night… WHOA.

5. Have I ever told you you’ve got an ass that won’t quit? I love to watch it walk away.

6. Miss nuzzling my head into your big, strong chest. Let’s do that tonight.

7. Goodmorning, Handsome. 🙂

8. Remember when we went on our first date and you told me [insert in-joke here]?

9. God, I’m in love with you.

10. You are so sexy.

11. Even after all this time, you still make my heart do backflips.

12. I am so goddamn proud of you.

13. Thanks for always having my back.

14. In case I forget to tell you when I see you; I love you.

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