14 Wardrobe Organization Hacks That Will Change Your Life

June 13, 2016

Every little space counts.

If you live in a big city with high rent, chances are you’ve had to compromise wardrobe space for something seemingly more important, only to realize how much you actually need a huge walk-in closet when it’s too late.

I know what I’m talking about – my wardrobe is the size of a coffin and bursting at the seams with clothes, shoes and accessories no matter how often I do a cleanout. Trying to find a specific item is like digging for gold: exhausting and mostly unsuccessful.

However, there are certain things a girl can do to make even the smallest area fit more than we originally thought it could. These 14 wardrobe hacks will have you thinking outside the box…

1. Hang clothes you’ve worn backwards


After a month, anything still facing the right way should be put into storage, sold or given to a charity.

2. Use S-hooks to hang your jeans


Not only will this way of hanging save space, it also makes it easier to see all of your jeans.

3. Glue pegs to your door to hold tights and stockings


Pegs can hold all kinds of clothes and accessories, making good use of the otherwise wasted door space.

4. DIY a clothes rack


A branch attached to hooks in the ceiling makes for a pretty and unique clothing rack.

5. Instal a ladder on your wall


Add some boxes on top of the ladder to maximize storage space.

6. Create non-slip hangers with hot glue


Just make sure you let it dry properly.

7. Use soda-can tabs to hang multiple pieces in one spot


A cheap and easy way to create hangers that will double the hanging space in your closet.

8. Display shoes on picture rails


Because your heels are too pretty to be kept under the bed.

9. Use skirt hangers to store boots


It’s a great alternative to folding them, as the hangers will help the boots keep their shape.

10. Use drawer dividers for your underwear


That way you can see what you have and keep your bras from being flattened in a full drawer.

11. DIY an arty shoe rack with PVC pipes


Use any free wall space and keep adding or removing PVC piping as you please.

12. Organize clutches in kitchen racks


Let’s be honest, clutches are more important than dishes, anyway.

13. Keep bracelets on paper-towel holders


This will declutter your jewelry box and look pretty at the same time.

14. Istal valet rods


Extendable valet rods are the ultimate wardrobe hack, as they don’t take up any space yet act like an extra hanging rack when you need it.

Images via favim.com and pinterest.com.

Comment: What’s your fave space-saving hack?

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