14 Work Memes Anyone Who’s Ever Hated Their Job Will Relate To

May 15, 2017

FML. Just, FML.

If you’re a grown-ass bill-paying adult, chances are high that if not applicable at this very moment, you have at some point in your working life had a soul-destroying job you hated with the fire of a thousand suns.

Not everyone is lucky enough to work a dream gig filled with amazing perks. For many of us, our nine to fives are merely a means to an end (read: a way to support our out-of-control ASOS habits), and no two days in our week are quite as blissful as the ones that come right after Friday.

If you’ve ever experienced this feeling, these memes will be all too relatable to you…

1. When you’re seconds away from sweet relief.

2. When you’re trying to stay positive at work.

3. Monday morning feels.

4. Your tolerance level for even the most minute BS.

5. Sunday nights be like:

6. How you feel a month in.

7. When you have to bypass the office on the weekend.

8. When you have literally any opportunity whatsoever to leave.

9. How you bond with your coworkers.

10. Your relationship with your manager be like:

11. How you make it through.

12. Your skills of suppressing homicidal fantasies be like:

13. Your thought process, most days:

14. This pretty much sums it up.

Images via memegenerator.net, humoar.com and tumblr.com.

Comment: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?


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