14 Year-Old Charged With Shooting Mother And Younger Brother

Kassi Klower

“The only conclusion we can draw is that he wasn’t getting along well with his parents.” 

A 14 year-old boy has been charged with shooting his mother and younger brother while they slept in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. The bodies of the victims were found in their beds on Wednesday morning.

The teen, Jacob Remaley, has been charged as an adult and will face two counts of criminal homicide and two counts of murder in the first degree.  The victims are 46 year-old Dana Remaley and eight year-old Caleb Remaley. The cause of death for both was a single close-range gunshot wound to the head.

Police have revealed Jacob himself called 911, and initially told dispatchers his father had put the gun in his bed, in an attempt to pin the murders on him. He allegedly told the 911 operator, “Why didn’t he kill me? I need help,” before hanging up the phone, but 911 operators called back and put him in touch with Mutual Aid, who he told his father placed the gun in his bed.

After the 911 call, a neighbor saw Jacob on the road holding the gun, and managed to convince him to toss it and wait for police.

Troopers who arrived on the scene found Jacob in the family yard in “some state of shock”. They quickly contacted the father, who was at work, and were able to dismiss him as a suspect.

The 14 year-old has since confessed to the double homicide, explaining he took the gun from the top of the family refrigerator, loaded it and shot his mother first. Court documents revealed Jacob admitted he would have also shot his father, had he been home at the time.

The Remaley family.

Neighbors of the family were asked if they heard any gunshots on Wednesday morning, but have said they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

“We were all completely in the dark and had no idea what was going on. I actually thought it was an accident and the presence kept getting bigger,” said neighbor Patrick Lacey.

“When I was young, we helped babysit the son but honestly since they’ve grown up and I grew up, we haven’t seen too much. Just neighborly hellos.”

The investigation is continuing, with no motive for the shocking double homicide currently determined, but police have revealed the troubled 14 year-old had not been getting along well with his parents.

“The only real conclusion we could draw from some of our investigation was that he had a difference with his parents when it came to maybe not getting along with them that well,” state trooper Stephen Limani told press.

“It’s very difficult to answer why he would shoot his brother. There was a tumultuous relationship with the parents, but there was nothing between him and his brother.”

The murders have reignited fervent online debate surrounding America’s gun laws, with many claiming the tragedy could have been prevented if there were laws in place requiring guns to be kept in locked storage.

The 14 year-old at the center of the controversy has been taken to a hospital to be evaluated and once released, will be moved to a juvenile detention center.

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Comment: Do you think the murders could have been prevented with stricter gun safety laws?