15 Items To Create The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

October 16, 2019

The bedroom of your dreams isn’t too far from reach…

I shared a room until I was eighteen years old and let me tell you, the decor was less than fabulous.

When my sister and I were young, we insisted that my Dad paint dark blue polka dots onto our light blue walls. At the time it was a dream come true but it didn’t leave a lot of room for our teenage bedroom glow up.

The importance of having a bedroom you adore is underrated.

I’m a big believer in the energy of a room and if your bedroom has you feeling a little eh, that will reflect in your mood and productivity.

Since then, I’ve moved seven times. I’ve had bedrooms the size of shoe-boxes and bedrooms the size of my current apartment. I’ve redecorated more times than I can count so I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.

One thing is for sure. No bedroom redecoration is complete without a trip to Spotlight.

Thankfully, I’ve been there so many times that I could do a room reno with my eyes closed.

If you’re looking to create the bedroom of your dreams, look no further. These 15 items will have you covered…

1.Sparkling new sheets

Do you know how good it feels climbing into a freshly made bed on a Sunday night? You’ll feel like that every day when you invest in a brand new set of sheets.

This is not the place to cut corners. Believe me, I used to be the world’s biggest stinge when it comes to bedroom decor but you do not want to skimp on your sheets. There is nothing worse than clingy, uncomfortable linen.

You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud (in the bedroom of your dreams!)

Find your new sheet set here.

2. Cute cushions

If you’re looking to make your bedroom a little cozier, cushions are just what you need.

They are a completely customizable bedroom accessory that can add a pop of color, comfort and texture to your dream room. Adding even a few will take your bed from just a mattress to a statement piece in your bedroom. This is especially great if you are working with a smaller space.

If you have a neutral color theme, getting new pillows is the perfect refresh to your space, not to mention the extra level of comfort they provide.

Find some fabulous new cushions here.

3. Neutral quilt cover

If you’re looking to update the style of your room, you need a new quilt cover.

Beds typically take up a fair amount of space in your bedroom. It stands to reason that what you cover it with can make or break your space.

It’s time to part with your childhood quilt cover and spice up your new room with some fresh threads.

Opting for a neutral color (like white or grey) will give the illusion that your space is bigger. Having a simple, staple quilt cover means that you can mix and match blankets, throws and cushions to keep your room feeling fresher for longer.

Find a new quilt cover here.  

4. Light and flowy curtains

You could fill your room with snazzy new furniture and it will still feel slightly off if you’re using dusty drapes.

There are so many different styles to chose from so it’s important to think carefully about color and style here. Would your room be better suited to blinds or do you prefer the feel of flowy curtains?

No matter which you pick, opt for a lighter color to accentuate natural light during the day.

Find new curtains here. 

5. Comfy throws and blankets

If your bedroom doesn’t have a stockpile of extra blankets, you’re doing it all wrong.

You are not being a comfort queen if you don’t have at least a throw on the end of your bed or corner chair. Adding blankets and throws makes your room cozy and warm, especially in the winter months.

This is also another opportunity to play with color and texture. If your room is feeling a little dull, a bright throw could be just the ticket to taking your room from bore to adore.

Find throws and blankets here.

6. Perfect pillows

If you were looking for a sign to get a new pillow, this is it.

The shape and size of your pillow can actually have a dramatic impact on your quality of sleep. If you find that when you wake up in the morning your neck is a little stiff or if you struggle to get comfortable at night, your body could be sending you a message.

I’m all about the bedroom of your dreams looking amazing but you won’t be able to enjoy it if you aren’t well-rested.

Find a new pillow here. 

7. An amazing electric blanket

When you picture your dream bedroom, do you imagine being chilly?

No? Well, thankfully electric blankets are here to save the day.

Your room could look like a million bucks but it won’t feel like a dream unless you’re warm and cozy.

You’ll sleep better with an electric blanket, that’s for sure.

Find an electric blanket here. 

8. Stylish storage

Messy room, messy mind.

Your dream bedroom lies underneath the clutter on your floor. Before you deep clean, be sure to grab some extra storage containers so you can sort and store your things neatly.

Having a simple way to store your things will make it easier to keep your room cleaner for longer.

Find smarter storage here. 

9. Cozy candles

This one goes without saying.

They look good and they smell even better. Candles are sure to bring an added layer of zen to your bedroom. The dim light they emit combined with some soothing smells will make your room the ultimate relaxation station.

Find new candles here. 

10. A lovely rug

If you have timber floors or your carpet is wearing out, a rug is an amazing band-aid solution. 

Adding a rug will add not only texture but warmth to your space. There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed and putting your feet on an ice-cold floor.

Find a rug here. 

11. A stylish vase

Bring some vibrancy into your bedroom with a stylish vase.

One of the easiest ways to mix things up, changing out a bouquet of flowers each week will freshen up your space, not to mention the benefits of looking at pretty things from nature. Whether you opt for a colored glass vase or a porcelain one with patterns, no room is complete without a vase.

Find vases here. 

12. Wall Art

Bare walls are boring walls!

Add some color and personality by hanging posters and artworks on those walls. If your walls could talk, what would they say? Think of these walls as a blank canvas.

Your dream bedroom should be full of things that make you happy, so pick art that reflects that.

Find wall art here. 

13. Photo Frames

As I said, your dream bedroom should be full of things you love.

Filling your space with photos of your nearest and dearest is like killing two birds with one stone. Photos can be used to both decorate your room and make you feel closer to the people you love.

By adding photo frames to your dream bedroom you’ll always be able to daydream about your favorite people and memories.

Find photo frames here. 

14. Fake plants

Now I don’t know about you but I struggle to keep plants alive.

Fake plants will never look sad or dreary and best of all, they’ll never die. Fake flora is the perfect way to add a little feminity and nature to your room.

Your dream bedroom shouldn’t have to watch your plants die. Chose fake ones instead.

Find fake plants here. 

15.  A fragrance diffuser

While candles are an absolute must, you can’t leave them burning forever.

Fragrance diffusers are a safe way to keep your room smelling amazing all day and all night long. You won’t have to worry about blowing out a flame. In fact, with smells that good it will be hard to be worried at all!

Find a fragrance diffuser here. 

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