15 Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales

August 31, 2014

If you’re pregnant then you’ve probably experienced people trying to guess the sex of your baby, even if you aren’t interested in hearing it. If you’ve chosen not to find out the gender then you can bet your buck that everyone around you will have their opinion about the sex and you probably won’t hear the end of it until your bub is born.

So here are some of the most common old wives tales about pregnancy. Some are absurd but equally amusing so let us know if you can relate to any of them:

  1. If you’re carrying your baby low then you’re having a boy and if you’re carrying high you’re having a girl.
  2. Legend has it that if your baby’s heart rate is higher than 140 beats per minute you’re going to have a girl whereas if the heartbeat is slower you’ll be having a boy.
  3. If your looks deteriorate when you’re pregnant you’ll be having a girl because she’s stealing your beauty.
  4. If your wedding ring swings back and forth when you’re holding it above your belly  suspended on a piece of your hair, you’re having a girl.  If it swings round in circles you’ll be graced with a boy.
  5. If you’ve experienced heartburn all throughout your pregnancy it means your baby will be born with plenty of hair.
  6. If you’re experiencing more acne than you’re used to during pregnancy it means you’re having a girl.
  7. If you skin is soft you’re likely to be having a girl but if it’s dry you’re having a boy.
  8. If you’ve been suffering with morning sickness you’ll be having a girl and if you’ve been morning sickness free then it’s a boy!
  9. If you’ve been sleeping on your left side at night you’ll be having a boy and if you prefer the right side you better start buying pink.
  10. If you find yourself reaching for your socks at night time because of cold feet, you’re having a boy.
  11. If you’ve been suffering with lots of headaches you’re having a boy.
  12. If you’re feeling moodier than usual then you’re having a girl.
  13. If your locks are glossy and thick then you’re having a boy but if your hair is dull and brittle you’ll be having a girl.
  14. If the hair on your legs is growing faster than it was pre-pregnancy then you’re having a boy.
  15. If the linea nigra (dark line on your belly) stretches from the pubic area to your belly button it’s a girl and if it stretches all the way up to your ribcage it’s a boy.

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