15 secrets of blissfully happy couples!

November 19, 2009

How do loved-up couples stay so, well, you know, loved up? We asked ten blissfully happy twosomes to share their secret.

Respect for each other and keeping it fun – you have to snog everyday and you have to laugh every day! Make it happen! Emily

The secret is having mutual respect for each other, and TRULY listening to each other. Ruth

The ability to silently count to ten repetitively and bite my tongue at the same time. Kate

Listening to your partner, considering their feelings as well as your own, and yet still living your own life, having your own hobbies and your own friends. Megan

Not noticing the small irritating things, and praising the good stuff. Building up their self-esteem. Liz

Open and honest communication – all the way! Oh, and being able to give a good massage! Ashleigh

Being married for 24 years I have decided that the secret of a lasting relationship is…that he does what he is bloody told! Gaynor

Treat this person as though they are a special gift for you in life, appreciate every phone call, gesture and thing they do for you. Sarah

Preserving the little things like stolen kisses, love notes hidden in pockets, compliments and putting aside time to spend together. Kyleigh

Making the time and effort to ensure you partner feels special at least once a day. Kate

Having the freedom to be an individual as well as being a couple! Danielle

The essential ingredients are love, passion and respect. People can grow old together with that recipe! Deirdre

Falling in love with someone a little more everyday. Simone

Honesty, tolerance, patience and the phone number of a good take away 🙂 Anita

Communication and passion – never let the flame go out. Melissa

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