15 Things Girls Who Don’t Understand Makeup Will Totally Relate To

August 24, 2016

For anyone who has no idea what they’re doing with makeup. 

Makeup is amazing, and some people are damn artists with a makeup brush. But with all of the brands on the market, the trends that come and go, and the hundreds of products and techniques available, it can be hard to keep up.

There are countless guides and tutorials out there, but if you’re totally clueless about makeup, they aren’t very helpful, which is why some of us (self included) are quite happy living in our makeup-free worlds.

If you don’t understand a thing about makeup, you’ve probably thought these things before…

1. You can’t understand how it could take two hours or more to put on makeup in the morning. Two HOURS? Really?!! You’ve watched Netflix marathons shorter than that.

2. You can’t help wondering – what exactly do all of those brushes do? Seems like a total gimmick to you. Brushes are for suckers, right? What’s wrong with your fingers anyway?

3. Your makeup routine hasn’t evolved since you were 13. Lip Smacker’s all you need, right?

4. You’re baffled at people who spend crazy amounts on makeup.

6. You’d never spend more than $15 on makeup. If you have cash to splash you’re spending it on travel and booze.

7. You’re amazed at people who can put on so many layers of makeup and look flawless, not cakey.

8. You have no idea how to do eyeshadow without looking like a kid who got into their mothers’ makeup.

9. You try to follow a Youtube tutorial and end up failing miserably.

10. Contouring is a mystery to you, and every time you try you just look like you’re going to an 80s costume party.

11. You admire other people’s makeup and are secretly jealous you don’t know how to do it.

12. You kind of want to get into makeup but don’t know where to start.

13. You love the reaction you get when you do wear makeup because people are so not used to seeing you glammed up.

14. So on the odd occasion you do wear makeup and manage to get it half decent, you feel an overwhelming need to take 5,623 selfies.

15. But you always end up saying “fuck it” and saving makeup for special occasions.

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