15 Simple Ways To Drive Him Wild

September 16, 2015
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Looking for ways to drive your man wild and ignite the fire in his, er – belly? Well there’s nothing like a little naughtiness to keep it fresh and make him sizzle in anticipation.

Luckily, there’s a host of ways to keep that intimacy alive and well, especially while you’re doing everyday mundane things. From driving, eating, washing the dishes and everything in between, it’s just a matter of using your imagination. Here are 15 simple ways to drive him wild to start you off.

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Driving: While driving in the car together, let him take the wheel and start with a firm leg rub. Then, work your way up to a sensational crutch massage. This one’s best done alone, for obvious reasons.

Breakfast in bed: Sunday breaky in bed is awesome, but this idea is even better. Get together some strawberries, cream and maybe a jar of Nutella. Anything that you don’t mind licking off his body. You’ve got extra time on a Sunday, so make it a long lasting meal instead of a quick snack.

Dirty dish washing: There’s nothing sexy about doing the dishes right? Well, what if he discovered you in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron? To get him in the kitchen, just ask him to grab you something because your hands are wet. I bet they won’t be the only thing wet for very long.

Handwritten notes: Put sexy notes in places where he’ll find them. In with his lunch, under the sun visor in his car or strategically placed under the soap in the bathroom. It will definitely bring a smile to his dial!

Hide things: Speaking of hiding things, if he takes a brief case, tool box or something similar to work each day, hide a silk scarf, handcuffs, or a small sex toy in there. Don’t forget to write a note saying: “Please bring this home because we’ll be needing this later tonight.”

Erotic eating: When you’re alone together eating an ice-cream, a banana, sausage, or something which resembles a penis, try to do it as erotically as possible but without being too obvious about it. Pretend to be oblivious at first, but when you catch him watching you, make eye contact and give him a smile. Not only is it a bit of fun, but it’s guaranteed to drive him wild!

Foot massage: Give him a foot massage but concentrate on the area under the ankle bone on both sides of his feet. Give the region a strong rub moving in a circular motion. Apparently this is a hot spot and specifically using this motion will ignite a spark in his pelvic region.

Pelvic thrusts: When you are having sex, stop thrusting for a few moments and try doing some pelvic floor or Kegal exercises. It will feel like you’re giving his penis a mini-massage.

Housework: If you’re doing housework, why not do it in a naughty maid’s outfit? Wait until he’s sitting down in the lounge, grab a feather duster and pretend to clean up around him. He won’t be able to resist watching you work your magic.

Let your hair down: Speaking of watching, these next two are all about putting on a show for him – men just love watching women let down their hair. So if you have some long locks, let it down with a sweep of your hand, then shake it out so it falls gently around your face. The thing to remember is that if it feels sexy, it’ll look sexy.

Less is more: Continuing on the watching theme; on a hot day when it’s just the two of you, give him something to look at by wearing short skirts, sarongs, or low cut tops. Do plenty of bending down in front of him so he can get a good glimspe of your butt and breasts. He’ll probably try not to look for too long, but when you catch him, let him know it’s been your intention.

Footsies: If you go out to dinner or are at a dinner party, try and sit opposite or next to him at the table. Remove your shoes and slide your toes up his leg. He’ll go from being interested in the conversation to being more interested in his lady.

Play music: Pick a well played but sexy song on the radio. Tell your man that it makes you think of him and something he does that excites you. Each time he hears that particular song, the only thing he’ll be able to think about is the scenario that you’ve told him about.

Get wet: Surprise him by joining him in the shower. Pick you’re timing, though, because it will backfire if he’s in a hurry!

Hopefully these simple ideas to drive him wild have provided you with some inspiration to be a bit naughty for your man. If you have any more simple ideas, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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