10 Women Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

December 27, 2014
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On 1 January 2014, I promised myself I would become an expert yoga practitioner over the coming year (or several). I promptly enrolled in a yoga class and bought my very own mat, which I immediately put in my car so I would have it with me whenever I felt the need to zen out. Almost a year later, that mat is still on my backseat, rolled up in its original packaging.

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Yes, life happened, work happened, I got lazy, blah blah blah… But was it ever going to work? If I was actually resolved to become a yogi, wouldn’t I have made a Right Now Resolution? At the risk of sounding like my mother: why put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today? Perhaps this is why it’s December and I still can’t do a downward facing dog.

But in the spirit of this totally futile tradition, I will make a 2015 resolution just because I can. This time, I asked 10 women to share their New Year’s resolutions in hope of finding some inspiration to kick start my motivation.

“My new year resolution – aside from the usual get fit, eat healthy etc. – is to find balance. I want to spend more time being happy with the simple things. I need to stress less and invest in being calm and spiritual.” – Jessica

 “To eat an oyster.” – EJ

“This year I need to save money, stop swearing and be less judgemental. Oh, and lose weight.” – Emily M

 “Learn how to say more than ‘una manzana’ in Spanish, do more yoga, read a book before the movie is released and try to cut back on my 3pm Nutella time.” – Oleta

 “Remind myself how lucky I am, everyday.” – Elise

“I would like to work more structured hours, have better daily routines and try new things more often.” – Elizabeth

“Eat less Dominoes and try not to get so hangry.” – Rebecca
Note: Hangry=hungry+angry

“In 2015, I want to tick a few off my bucket list: See the Great Barrier Reef,  swim in the Mediterranean, go horse riding in Turkey.” – Jacqueline

“I’m going back to university, so I need to save money!” – Emily D

“Keep my indoor plant alive.” – Amy

What is your resolution for 2015? Tell us in the comment section, below. 

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