16 Better Than Sex Cookie Recipes

April 8, 2016

Oh, oh, oh…YUM!

Sex is a wonderful thing. It boosts your productivity, helps you snooze like a baby and is guaranteed to put you in a better mood. But you know what? Even with all that in mind, I still think eating cookies trumps bumping uglies.

Why? Because it achieves exactly what sex does, and more. Cookies are always available, you don’t need to pretend you’re interested in their boring Fantasy Football club to snag one, and they hit the spot every time.

So be a smart cookie, crank up the oven and satisfy your cravings with these drool-worthy biscuit treats…

1. Oreo Stuffed Cookies and Cream Cookies


With the addition of Oreos, aka world’s best biscuit, these thick, soft baked goodies are doubly delicious. And if you’re worried about a sweetness overload, maybe just stop at three. (Recipe here)

2. Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed Cookies


The tasty combo of white choc-chips and oozing strawberries is – just like titillating sex – heavenly and extremely addictive. (Recipe here)

3. Ooey Gooey Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cookies


We recommend eating these straight from the oven, because these babies need to be enjoyed immediately. One bite and you’ll never want to snack on anything other than Nutella cookies again. (Recipe here)

4. Super Soft Sprinkle Pudding Cookies


These delicate, pillowy cookies are so mouthwateringly good, you may need to install a cookie jar lock to avoid gaining an extra hundred pounds wolfing them down. (Recipe here)

5. Twix Cookies


Similar to their candy bar cousin, these Twix-inspired treats combine buttery, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread with juicy caramel and sticky liquid chocolate. (Recipe here)

6. Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies


Crunchy on the outside and soft in the centre, once you’ve tried these light, nutritious cookies, you’ll find yourself leaving work early to make another lot of them. (Recipe here)

7. Chocolate Cookie Dough Cookie Cups 


If you’re like me and are up for cookies of any shape or size, these eggless, muffin-like chocolate cookies are tailor made just for you. (Recipe here)

8. Reese’s-Stuffed Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Packed with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to create a rich, fudgy texture, these creamy cookies will fill your mouth with nutty goodness. (Recipe here)

9. Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies


This surprising combination of fluffy red velvet cupcake and chocolate chip cookies makes for a moist and fluffy afternoon treat. (Recipe here)

10. White Chocolate Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies


Loaded with hearty oats and sweet white chocolate, these wholesome, chewy cookies are the perfect post-coital snack when your partner doesn’t live up to expectations. (Recipe here)

11. Cinnamon Bun Cookies


These thin spiral treats combine sweet cookie dough with a spicy cinnamon smear to form one luscious bite. (Recipe here)

12. Caramel Apple Pie Cookies


What’s better than apple pie? Apple pie cookies, of course! Sugary and all-American, the doughy mixture and sticky syrup filling will leave your mouth begging for more. (Recipe here)

13. Nutella Stuffed Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie


With a crusty top and smooth Nutella centre, these cookies are so scrumptious, you’ll be eating batch after batch without a second thought… until your jean button pops. (Recipe here)

14. Guilt-Free Pecan Pie Cookies


This vegan and paleo-friendly cookie combines a pecan-pie filling with a subtle shortbread dough to create a crumbly and surprisingly healthy afternoon snack. (Recipe here)

15. Chocolate Fudge Yogurt Cookies


With a dense texture and intense chocolate taste finished off with a hint of sea salt, these creamy cookies melt in the mouth leaving a subtle salty aftertaste. (Recipe here)

16. The Original Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites


The nostalgic aroma of warm milk chocolate from these cookies will make you start to salivate before you even take a bite. Better yet, these succulent treats have no flour, oil or white sugar. (Recipe here)

Bake away, then tag us @shesaid when you post your delicious cookie pics to Instagram.


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