16 Boozy Cocktails That’ll Get You Through Your Monday

February 1, 2016

Because everybody hates Mondays.

The beginning of the work week is, undoubtedly, the most challenging part of the week. I mean, come on, after Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF.

So, if like us, you’re already dreaming of the weekend (is it Friday yet??), these downright tasty, seriously boozy and utterly refreshing cocktail recipes are here to keep you occupied (and very satisfied) between now and then. You’re welcome.

1. Cranberry Ginger Fizz


An intoxicating mix of cranberries, dry gin, mint and ginger ale, so refreshing you’ll devour this in no time. (Recipe here)

2. Pink Fizz


Pretty as a picture and delightfully delish to sip on, this girlie hued liquid treat is seriously hard to beat. (Recipe here)

3. Cherry Caipirissima


Combine simple syrup with pitted cherries and fresh, zesty lime for a sweet but tart drink that’s as refreshing as it is addictive. (Recipe here)

4. Grilled Watermelon Mint Julep


Watermelon and mint come together in this thirst-quenching cocktail that’ll ease your woes away in just a few sips. (Recipe here)

5. Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet


If you like blueberries and enjoy cucumbers, you’re about to fall head over heels in cocktail love with this tasty, fresh drink. (Recipe here)

6. The Savoy Daisy


Port, lemon and rum unite to make this very boozy, drool-worthy drink. Sip this one slowly, because it packs a punch. (Recipe here)

7. Grey Goose Diabolique


Grey Goose devotees should prepare to be seriously smitten – with this tropical treat sure to please even the fussiest of tastebuds. (Recipe here)

8. Winter Sea Breeze


If you’re a fan of traditional sea breezes you’re in for a real treat. This twist on the classic adds the sweet tanginess of pomegranate seeds for a cocktail that’s addictively good. (Recipe here)

9. Green Margarita


This may be both the most unusual and the tastiest twist on a traditional margarita we’ve seen to date, with the addition of sugar snap pea puree, it’s surprisingly refreshing. (Recipe here)

10. Mango Daiquiri


If a sweet, tropical mango daiquiri doesn’t make you forget how crappy your Monday was, nothing will. (Recipe here)

11. Candied Grapefruit 


Who said cocktails were made for the weekends?! After a stressful Monday getting through piles of paperwork, this drink will have you relaxing up a storm. (Recipe here)

12. Loquat Bourbon Smash


Bourbon lovers are sure to enjoy this unique, refreshing drink which uses exotic loquats as its base. (Recipe here)

13. Sidecar


If you want to calm the pants of yourself after a nerve-wracking day back at the office, nothing does the trick quite like a classic Sidecar. (Recipe here)

14. Orange Mojito


Think a traditional mojito with a lot more zest and sweetness, the orange mojito truly hits the spot when you’ve just had the longest nine to five of your life. (Recipe here)

15. Margarita


Sometimes it’s best to play it simple, and when it comes to basic drinks it doesn’t get much better than the classic margarita. (Recipe here)

16. Raspberry Cosmo


So you just had a bad Monday? Flick on some SATC, grab a sweet Raspberry Cosmo and sip away your troubles. (Recipe here)



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