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16 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

16 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

And they won’t cost a fortune.

Planning a wedding is an emotional rollercoaster. From the sheer excitement in the early stages to the overwhelming pressure to get everything done in the later stages, being a bride-to-be isn’t always easy.

Once the big decisions have been made, such as which venue to pick, where to get your dress from, and what kind of wedding cake you want, it’s often the smaller things that can really do your head in.

While it’s obviously your day, you also want your guests to have a great time, and more importantly, not offend anyone with your wedding – which is really hard to do when your guests include everyone from your teenage cousin to your 82 year-old grandfather.

This becomes especially apparent when choosing wedding favors. You want them to be creative, but easy to make; useful, but not too expensive, and most of all, you want your guests to love them.

Cheap candles and bottle openers just don’t cut it anymore, and will probably be left behind by most guests anyway. We can’t blame them; after all, it’s not that hard to add a personal touch to your wedding with some arts and crafts – from DIY giant paper flowers to homemade doughnut walls – your imagination is really the only limit.

And with these cheap and cheerful DIY wedding favor ideas to inspire you, there’s no better time to start dreaming big…

1. This mini Tic-tac-toe game.

2. These delicious candied apples.

3. These adorable miniature succulents.

4. This pun-ny homemade hot sauce.

5. This personal coffee blend.

6. These rustic bottles of rosemary oil.

7. These cute tea tins.

8. These handy mints.

9. This wax-dipped pinecone fire-starter.

10. These kitsch printed coasters.

11. This fun popcorn.

12. These delish boozy hot chocolate kits.

13. These gorgeous hand-painted handkerchiefs.

14. These meaningful CDs.

15. This mouthwatering homemade granola.

16. And these sweet honey pots.

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